Remix Hotel ATL Producer/Engineer Panel: Mixing Audio + Multitracking

Footage from the 2008 Remix Hotel ATL Producer/Engineer panel which featured J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, DJ Toomp and more discussing recording with too many tracks, the concept of less being more, the importance of minimalism, and favorite studio tools.

294 thoughts on “Remix Hotel ATL Producer/Engineer Panel: Mixing Audio + Multitracking”

  1. whoever is holding this camera is chewing the crap out of some gum!!! Wtf is his problem? LMAO, I thought homie was gonna hyperventilate at one point.

    Anyway, dope vid!! Great insights, I could listen to toomp talk about most aspects of music. He has great perspective on music.

  2. Hey Semantik, who’s the dude speaking at 4 mins? He seems like he knows the industry and music very well. Props on the vid!

  3. NICE… I used to stare at the eq going up and down when my folks played their Clarence Carter records on Sat. mornings… I used to get hypotized…

  4. funny how m-phazes knows his shit, justice league and toomp (i think) just don’t like when somone knows their shit… and produce good shit too…… i sense hateeeeeeeee LOL X)

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