Remix Hotel ATL Producer/Engineer Panel: Mixing Audio + Multitracking

294 thoughts on “Remix Hotel ATL Producer/Engineer Panel: Mixing Audio + Multitracking”

  1. whoever is holding this camera is chewing the crap out of some gum!!! Wtf is his problem? LMAO, I thought homie was gonna hyperventilate at one point.

    Anyway, dope vid!! Great insights, I could listen to toomp talk about most aspects of music. He has great perspective on music.

  2. Hey Semantik, who’s the dude speaking at 4 mins? He seems like he knows the industry and music very well. Props on the vid!

  3. NICE… I used to stare at the eq going up and down when my folks played their Clarence Carter records on Sat. mornings… I used to get hypotized…

  4. funny how m-phazes knows his shit, justice league and toomp (i think) just don’t like when somone knows their shit… and produce good shit too…… i sense hateeeeeeeee LOL X)

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