“Dig For Fire” Documentary Asks Why We Hunt For Vinyl

257 thoughts on ““Dig For Fire” Documentary Asks Why We Hunt For Vinyl”

  1. Semantik-
    I just wanted to give you props for always having the best new footage up about diggin and the like! I always know CK is gonna have something good to check out.

  2. Cosign on Will J.

    Video was so damn nice. I could seriously watch/listen stuff about records all day.

    I was thinking that one day like when I retire, I could open up a record shop. Buy/Sell kind of place and just talk to customers about vinyl all day. Just listen to records and talk vinyl. Put a bunch of my collection for sale just to be able to interact with vinyl seekers all day.

  3. Hey guys, keep in touch, the full version of the doc should be up in a couple weeks. Check it out when i got to johnstown, PA to interview the owner of the oldest record store IN AMERICA.

    Also, its AWAN, not AWAM. Just checkin.

    Thanks for watchin!

  4. @Will J.
    Thanks man… I greatly appreciate the positive feedback.

    @Habib Awan
    Fixed the name issue… sorry about that. Looking forward to seeing the complete doc.

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