SlapBoyz Open Labs Miko Segment

341 thoughts on “SlapBoyz Open Labs Miko Segment”

  1. Only get this if you are already mad nice with it! What could be more discouraging than getting smoked by some kid with an MPC 500 when you own an Open Labs joint?

  2. they made THAT on the Timbo Meko? Gimme that $5,00 machine and i wont be making any wack ass bullshit like that… i feel like a super producer around these fools.

  3. LOL… I didn’t expect this post to cause such chaos!
    Truthfully, their joint wasn’t my cup of tea either, but hey… different strokes for different folks.

  4. Yo, on the real, the instrumental wasn’t as horrible as yall making it out to be–the lyrics/song content be trash, but the music isn’t bad

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