Ski Beatz Maschine & Ableton Live 8 MP3 Tutorial

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  1. im still not sold on that maschine yet. i know a few cats that bought em around here used for a cuple weeks , next thing you know its on craigslist they were like fuck it lol

  2. 1. I own a Maschine (coming from an MPC 1K) and it is really nice. Not for everyone, but it is nice.
    2. If he’s doing what I think he’s doing- using Ableton to patch into Maschine so he can record-in- he’s really going out of his way to do something that can be done using an RCA-1/8″ and your soundcard (with Maschine you pretty much have to use an external soundcard). Have Maschine set up to use your ins/outs on your soundcard and connect the headphone/RCAs from your PC into your soundcard. Open up itunes/ableton/whatever, play your mp3s, and record them into Maschine. It works well for me because I have a soundcard with 8ins so my turntables are in two of them and my computer out is in two of them so all I have to do is switch the “ins” on the Maschine Sampling screen.

    • I was thinking the same, but maybe the reson why is because he wants to to keep it all in the box so to speak. This way he doesn’t have to to switch analog to digital, when it’s going to be digital in the end, any way. that’s just my opinion, i could be wrong.

  3. I wonder if this Maschine is just gonna be the ultimate beast with Reason 5.0???Sonds like those 2 together would just be crazy!!! Especially with Kong and all the other new shit in Reason 5…….

  4. that special edition model he has there looks soooooooo sick though!!! I probably wouldn’t get one though cause the woodgrain finish would just get scratched up from me throwin in and out of the bag on a weekly basis…

  5. Listen man, this thing is not for everyone. I bought it & returned it the very next day. The Maschine has to be hooked up to a Mac to work to it’s full ability, or at least a PC with a lot of ram & an external sound card. When I bought it the CD case that came with it was already cracked on the side, installing it is a pain in the ass because you need 2 PCs for installation. It even had hairs on it, im not kidding.

    I’d rather save my money and get an MPC & a Mac.

    • Idk bro. Sounds like you just need a PC or Mac w| High Specs. I’ll pick one up soon and clear the smoke! but looks like Ski is only using one to work with it. Plus from what I know you can use the unit as a standalone too.

    • Lol, I don’t know what directions you were reading, but you don’t need 2 pc’s. That doesn’t even make sense. I’ve had both MV and MPC and with the exception of needing a computer, this kills em all. The workflow is sick.

  6. I hear ya , they think its the new cross between hardwear and software but its really just a million dollar advertising campaign.

  7. I dont get why anyone especially ski would give people advice on how to use mp3s when making beats…

    mp3s if the last thing people should use, and its not just the fact they sound bad enough as it is.. but once the beat goes to be mixed, then mastered, and process after process is aplied and the level pushed up more and more that shits just gonna sound nasty..

    Its one thing putting up with music being converted and downgraded to mp3, but its another thing people using mp3’s as their source material then processing them etc………. especially with the lack of information contained within an mp3, thats the last thing u wanna be processing

    • The only thing that matters is that your workflow works for you and that you’re making good music at the end of the day. Not everyone could tell if its an mp3 or not and I dont think anyone cares that much to worry about it.

    • People who are afraid of mp3’s don’t know how the technology works. First, it all depends on the bit rate of it. Personally, it’s 320 kbps or bust. At 320 kbps, few could discern any compression artifacts compared to lossless material. Furthermore, you’re going to EQ the sample, so you don’t need the source to have high fidelity.

      When mp3’s are encoded the codec doesn’t just remove data from the source indiscriminately. It has a smart algorithm that decides to remove bits of information it thinks is not important for the listener to experience. So, while the resulting mp3 is lossy, the codec tried it’s best to get the remaining audio as close to the original as possible.

      With that algorithm, 320 kbps, the fact that you’re gonna EQ the audio and blend it with other elements, sampling from mp3 is safe. It’s ironic how hip-hop heads will adore 12-bit samplers, but be afraid of mp3’s lmfao.

      These are just technical arguments for mp3 sampling. The philosophical side is a whole ‘nother beast of a discussion. As for me, my format choice depends on certain conditions.

  8. This my friends is what we call Marketing. Ski was paid to do this video… peel away the veneer of “reality” and think about it. Is Maschine really that great?

  9. I wanna see one of these producers make a complete track using maschine…not some bullshit video of them playing with the pads. The complete process of sampling, chopping, time stretching & mixing. Anybody can play with the controller and tell you it’s the shit. Fuck, if Native Instruments paid me a couple of grand I’d do the same thing.

  10. Maschine is aight but you really gotta know your shit. You can use soundflower and chain it too Maschine. I am not into the level of using maschine, in a productive sense, I think it’s so far over-rated I may just exchange it for an MPD- Cause it is a lot easier to use in DAW’s and cheaper I’m sticking with an SP-404, as a non-computer Vynil Sampling Sense but saving everything is the real bitch. File transferring renaming, organizing etc.But for those bitching about where your sampling grow the fuck up its 2010 about to be 2011? isnt hip-hop using what you got, Purists lol Morality is a Tragedy in itself

  11. I use both Maschine and the MV8800 because they are similar in the way you can load programs into the banks. I use soundflower to get sound from my Mac to Maschine. For me my MV is in my studio so I use vinyl. When I travel I don’t want to carry a lot of vinyl and a portable turntable and my lap top bag with pro tools interface and Maschine etc…. I needed two bags…..I just started using Bias Peak LE so I can save my LP transfers as an uncompressed file and there are a few options for that with Bias so you don’t have to use MP3 format. Lastly for me…I don’t always like to sit in my studio making beats….and I can’t always be in my studio when I want to…I like to sit outside…go places and make beats just with a laptop and Machine. So there are good reason to sample an MP3 or in that way. Its so you don’t have to carry tons of vinyl and the other stuff…having said that…. As for this video its good information for those using Maschine with Ableton. I think if you really love to make beats and sample… a fiend…you will do anything so you can sample and make beats every were you are….Just to get that beat making fix we all need.

    • Agreed, I still use my 2000xl, and trust me there is a learnning cruve when switching over to the mashcine. but man it has given me the chance to have a portable unit, which is great. Just like Prestege said, i’m not at my studio all the time and it’s nice to break away and get some air. I don’t have Ableton Live so my samples are pretty much waves anyway, and when you save them to your mpc, they are wave as well. so it’s all the same, as long as it funnky i don’t care.

      I’m from the old school, and it took a while to make that move to the new school ways of doing things(serato instead of vinyl, maschine instead of the 2000xl) but my old ass back thanks me. 🙂

  12. @grow(f)reeyourself , If you are defending the sampling of MP3’s, you do not belong on crate kings. This is pretty much a vinyl enthusiast website/blog. Hip Hop is definitely about using what you got but, this site is geared towards “purists”. It’s called CRATE Kings, not Hard drive kings. I’d take a stack of 100 records over a hard drive with a 1,000 album’s of mp3’s any day.

  13. man maschine sucks, i use garage band just like the real pro’s this baby has it all
    ,if you wanna make hot beats and become a legend like me,save up your pennies and get garage band full stop, all the artists like timbaland,dr dre,cool & dre,mark ronson,q tip, hi tek, they all use garage band!! wake up and smell the coffee bitches

    • Yea dog i discovered that alot of big name producers are using things like FL Studio, Reasons, and Garageband on the low. when time is of the essence i believe they all will use these programs. some tried them and went back to the real…me personally i like the real, but if you know what real hip hop sounds like you can just tweek a program and make it do what it supposed to do. i’m rocking out with fl studio right now, and you can’t tell by listening.. rewired with reasons, it sounds like the XL midied with a motif. just get you a nice swing template, save as your preset and you in business.

  14. 3 Months later…. MASCHINE IS EVERYWHERE. I am glad i bought mine last summer and with the 1.6 update it’s gonna be a BEAST! haha

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