Damu Talks Drumming, Programming, Signature Sounds

The latest video finds producer/DJ/drummer Damu The Fudgemunk sitting in front of a drum set at NYC’s Funkadelic Studios and going deep into the topic of drums. While giving a taste of his self described amateurish drumming, Damu talks about his favorite live drummers, drum programmers, drum Breaks, and breaks down the signature sounds of Pete Rock, DJ Premier, RZA, and Q-Tip.

Reader Feedback:

Who’s your favorite drum programming producer?
What’s your favorite drum break?

26 thoughts on “Damu Talks Drumming, Programming, Signature Sounds”

  1. I gotta mention D-Nice on his second album for some reason I remember liking his programming quite a bit. Also Tony Dofat on the Rough House Survivors album

    • I most certainly agree that Phil Collins is more than a beast, no matter what he did in the 80’s. It was just the last thing I was expecting to come out of Damu’s mouth, especially first when listing his favorite drummers. Made me chuckle just a bit.

  2. ^ Phil Collins played for 70s fusion group Brand X and they were phhaaattt!!!

    That was a cool video, always nice to hear from a producer with hands on experience with real instruments…

  3. for me it would have to mantronik.
    The programming for just Ice album is crazy, let’s not get in to Mantronix’s first 2 albums. KRAZY!!!
    As far as breaks goes: I love “Uphill Piece of Mind”, and “Long Red”.

  4. Favorite break; a tie between Funky Drummer and Substitution and if I had to pick one, by a hair, Funky Drummer. What the hell possessed Clyde Stubblefield to play that pattern?!!! As far as programming, a 3-way tie between Premo, Pete Rock and Large Professor. Pete and Extra P were magicians on that SP-1200 and Preme holds the MPC 60 down like no one else.

  5. Cool vid. My favorite breaks are 1. Funky Drummer 2. Impeach the President 3. Get out of my life Woman . For some reason those 3 always seem to please me ears the most, I don’t know what it is. Favorite programmer is probably primo.

  6. Who’s your favorite drum programming producer?
    Paul C.

    What’s your favorite drum break?

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