Showbiz Previews Godsville, Offers Advice To Producers

You won’t want to miss this one. D.I.T.C. legend Showbiz steps inside of the gold and platinum plaque lined walls of HeadQuarters Studios to preview snippets from his upcoming project with KRS-One entitledĀ Godsville LP while giving aspiring producers advice on how to stand apart from others, develop a signature sound, and remain relevant in music.

You can tell when a dude made a beat and it took him five minutes.

318 thoughts on “Showbiz Previews Godsville, Offers Advice To Producers”

  1. I haven’t been feeling Showbiz beats for a long time. They are way too clean and fake sounding. Not to mention half his shit all sounds the same. Showbiz probably would be a more prominent producer if he would have stayed along the same lines as his classic work. His shit is way too bland and formulaic now.

  2. Damn, son. Did he really sample Jill Scott’s “Do you Remember Me?” Is it just me or is it a bit to early for everybody else too? Respect, but damn man. That aint exactly Diggin’ In The Crates….

    • Classics have been made from samples that haven’t been around long. Dilla’s Stereolab beat, Brand Nubian’s – Slow Down, Jay-Z – Roc Boys, Pharoahe Monch – Queens…to name a few. But yeah, perhaps for someone who reps digging, not exactly what you expect.

      On another note I agree with what cats said about the style of his beats now. I kinda wish these brothers would adopt the Truth & Soul analog recording style.

  3. Thanks for posting this video first and foremost !! I love Sho and his beats…Some beats need to be …quote bland…. to give the MC space to spit…and with KRS and the way he flows you don’t need to busy up the track…KRS vocals will do that as he is hyper and kind of all over the track… his voice is an instrument….Its good to see these cats still doing they thing…and bringing quality music with quality MC’s….looking forward to this…

    • I agree. With a artist like KRS-One,you can make a minimal track and let him go wild. But Show`s beats are still dope and relevant. The analog feel he had on his beats were groundbrakeing,but I think like every other producer,you must evolve. His crisp ,new sound is still dope to me. They still hit hard. It`s still boom-bap.

  4. maaan, tell me why I only really liked one of those beats from Show….

    in his attempts to stay relevant he’s sacrificed the one thing that made his old beats so magical…that gritty, vinyl crackle is notably absent and everything is too clean and mixed down…

    damn….I had high hopes for that project…


  6. To each their own. I’m looking forward to this project, been a while since I heard lyricism and as far as Show’s production I agree with “Prestege”

  7. I don’t….

    The”Umbrella” beat for Rihanna was done in about 6 minutes using an Apple Logic packaged beat, and nobody could tell.

    • Fucking juvenile. You just answered my question though. Thing is, I have yet to see you contribute even one educated statement in my whole time cruising this site. Constantly talking out of your face, and you even seem to have people, who obviously have less of a clue than you, agreeing with the complete and utter waste that you spout. You really have no fucking clue what’s going on, do you?
      You think THOSE are grade-a Showbiz beats?!


      p.s. @ geomoney, if you’re truly “riding with” Tony, get ready to be driven right off a cliff. It’ll be cute, you two can be just like Thelma and Louise: just two more bitches taking that leap.

      To everyone else here, I apologize for the rant, but I’m tired of this dude’s consistently ignorant and pointless all-cap “contributions” and I just couldn’t let this one slide. No more from me.

  8. Its all love ! I can’t believe ya’ll weren’t feeling those beats . I had to turn my monitors down lol Alesis mk 2’s I love it when I can watch a video and incorporate a few jewels into what im trying to do . Big up Semantic for finding this piece !

  9. The drums sound weak. One of the beats has a horrible cheap sounding synth.
    Stick to sampling and crate digging, Showbiz.
    Don’t go for that radio ready sound, man.
    You gotta evolve, that’s true but that’s not the way to do it.
    I think Kanye, 88 Keys, Q-Tip and No I.D. represent the evolution of sampling. I love Premier, D.I.T.C. and the whole Golden Era sound, but it’s outdated.


  11. Showbiz is still relevant and is a legend, but I would be lying if I said I liked his new beats as much as his old stuff.
    Although I think that goes for all the artists I liked back in the early 90s.

  12. damn a lot of hate on here.. some ppl angry for some odd reason… shud listen to the fans reaction in the end the fan is the one guna be listening to the beats.. thought some of these sounded like 5 min beat.. where the heart and soul we crave?

  13. @ collecta those days are over , alot of ya’ll wanna bring back the 90’s my uncle wants to bring back the 60’s the funk ‘ the marvin ‘ the temptations lol he’s using pro tools I hear what you are saying but why should he use a tape real when he got a daw ? these dudes gotta eat they got bills to pay and my point is the music has changed , he told you this in the video. I don’t hate because one day one of you might make it and come into a forum like this and read this crap . and i bet your not gonna trade your phantom in to keep it real with us either lol

  14. Showbizs’ beats sound the same? LMAO! And this is coming from a new era of rappers that are straight BITERS and bitch ass BEAT MAKERS who jack other niggas drums and shit! gimmie a fkn break man, you cant be serious…
    Do you not see all those plaques on the wall? Thats called WORTH…STATUS…
    And 1 minute your screaming software is it evolve, hardware is old… now shows beats sound too clean LOL? MAKE UP YOUR MIND! Should he be using reel to reel or something? I mean cmon!
    You nobodys WISH you could be half the legend showbiz is….
    This generation dont gotta do shit! All the hard shit been done for you already thats why yall opinionate and criticize! Its pretty much all you can do! And play the age card…like a fag…
    Yall dont gotta DIG, yall dont gotta find YOUR OWN SOUNDS, yall dont have to be ORIGINAL! sure you claim to be original but you aint doin nothing that none of these cats didnt ORIGINATE back in the day anyway…
    Nobody is gonna REALLY “go in” cause the cats with $ dont “go in”…the labels dont encourage you to “go in”…fans are robots so they mimmick what the $ and the corporations tell them to feel…its like a dog chasing it own tail…
    Everybody is on microwave time…who can write there verses faster, who DOESNT write, how fast did you make the beat etc etc
    then you turn around and actuallyWONDER why music aint what it used to be, why nobody sells records anymore, why nothing FEELS the same…
    All the excuses in the world cant cover up the fact that RESPECT IN HIP HOP IS LOST…NOBODY CARES….
    its become TOO MUCH of a buisness to the point where you actually have dudes starting a label with NO MUSIC WHATSOEVER, just the know how…and thats what happened to the actual industry on the inside…too many college geeks around that dont know sh*t and cant connect the dots…same with the fans…too many herbs running around STREET CULTURE criticizing STREET CULTURE…
    ex. how do you say beef is played out but u support fake thugs that promotes violence and sex?
    And why do squares have so much say so in a culture that started from NOTHING? cause its TOO MUCH about $$$….

    All I know is you think like an asshole you get shit in return….
    fk how u feel…
    excuse my essay….

    • All I’m saying is Damu’s beats sound more like I wish Show’s beats would sound. Yeah let me hear that grimmyness from Show.

    • MAN,you hit it right on the head. With FL Studio,Reason etc. you don`t have to do the hard work ( don`t get it twisted,I use them too). That is true. Showbiz and D.I.T.C. have been putting in (and still are ) work for a long time now. Kanye,No I.D.,Q-Tip and the rest of them give nothing but the highest respect to Show and the rest of them. The ways of diggin` are still here,but don`t fault the man for trying to move his legendary sound forward. As producers, that`s what we should all be trying to do.

  15. Every beat KRS rapped over sounded like it was made in 5 minutes.

    AND KRS took Drake flow……………

  16. who is this guy saying krs took drakes flow ? iddiot i didnt know drake had a flow how old are you 15 krs took drakes flow krs was rapping before drake was born the impact of krs ones songs back then had a bigger impact then the music drake is making now far as the streets is concerned the song my philosophy by krs one was concious and conpelling drake ha ha i know way too many people here right now that i didnt know last year who the f are ya’ll ‘ what the hell it that he sounds like he is 10 years old on the mic easy e had a little voice on the mic but his shit was hard the two hardest beats out now is rick ross bmf and konye wests new joint co produced by s1 i dont know if rick ross is a cop or not but that blowing money fast track is sick i havnt heard a beat like that since dre and 50 did in the club my point is you still can make a hot beat in todays time konye west used a sample for his new joint and rick ross had a track with a beat that was programmed by a monster and a engineer that knew how to mix !

  17. If you niggas worry more about the message i kick than how i type we can have a real debate . IF YOU ARE SO WORRIED ABOUT HOW I TYPE YOU SHOULD BE A ENGLISH TEACHER. fantasia can’t read and she looks like a frog but she can sing lol

  18. I think most of you are haters . you are the type to make beats on a acer laptop with a nanopad midi controller and A copy of fruity loops and call yourself producers or you have a setup like this ..hardwear/ , a mpc 500 with 32 mb of ram and a fostex recorder to track your beats and a pair of 3 inch m-audio speakers lol and your recording in your moms house , tracking vocals in your closet , hott as hell in there , mad as shit to see these cats with platinum and gold plaques , driving bentleys and having fun. I tell you the klu klux klan dont hafto do anything ealse to us , we are doing a fine job doing it to ourselves got that p.b.
    If you think you can make better beats then him why ain’t you there making beats for these big name dudes getting 20k a track and not him . let me ask you this is it Just luck he’s been in the game 20 years ? If it is I guess you’ll still be in your room hating 20 years from now .

    • I have a set up much like what you talk of. I have a 2000XL and cubase. Iam a hobbyist beat maker. I do not call myself a producer. I have no aspirations of being in Show’s position. Although I would love to make beats for a living.
      I do however have the right to express my opinion on a blog site. I wasnt dissing Show anyway. Just stating that I think his old stuff is better than his new stuff. I still like his work.
      Im not jealous of his success in the slightest. I would rather he made money out of hip hop than a lot of other guys who have.
      I have been into hip hop since 1989, so Show and AG were one of my favourite artists around that time in the early 90s. The DITC ‘sound’ is a massive influence on why I got into beat making. To me they epitomised what hip hop was to me.
      Lets face it, music comes down to a matter of opinion anyway.
      Not liking something does not make you a HATER.

  19. I’m a big fan of Showbiz and his discography. He produced some of my favorite songs ever. I’ll always appreciate him for that. But let’s be honest, these new beats, in my opinion, are sounding pretty bad. Not good at all. Hey, if he likes em, if krs likes em, and they put it out, more power to them. I hope they achieve their goals, but personally i have heard enough to make up my mind and wont be checking for the project.

    • Yep. I think hip-hop is over personally. Unless dudes start getting real old school with it and go back to using the same gear as the 90’s with the same mentality. And completely buck the trends. I don’t see many people doing that though. The only thing that came out lately that I like is the latest DJ Quik album. He went for an analog sound on it and I think it’s pretty good. But as a genre hip-hop died for me in the year 2000. The hundreds of dope albums made before live on though.

  20. jnota a serious hater . i wont be checking for the project ‘ they not gonna be checking for you either lol im sure they gonna loose sleep IMLAO !!!!!!!!!

  21. This hate thing is out of control. Just because people have an opinion about something does not make them haters. That such a 5 year old thing to say.

  22. People started voicing their opinions saying that they don’t like what Showbiz is doing now and then a bunch of people bring up his legendary catalog saying he is a legendary beat maker from the 90s or whatever. Exactly, THE 90S!!!!!!!. His beats from the 90’s are what made him legendary. His beats now are that great compared to them. They have no correlation to what he does now because quite frankly, he new shit is wack. Just let people saw how they feel. Damn, they are not haters and they ain’t jealous.

  23. are people making up profiles just to shoot their mouth off? weird –

    the hate thing is getting a bit out of control – you can not like something and not be a “hater”

    still want to know what kind of bass that was

  24. Lol- Do i have a “hater” using my name on here? Nice try, Tony, but your patterns are predictable. Aside from the obvious CAPS control, you have grammar / punctuation issues that make you STAND OUT_! I think youre the only one losing sleep here.

    Anyway, word to Decap and Matt E; voicing one’s opinion is not “hating”. That style of use of the word “hate” just goes to show you how immature and easily brainwashed the average hip-hopper really is.

    Semantik, if possible, pls clean up the gutter.

  25. I’m not trying to get in the argument between relevance and $ but I’m happy to see Show still hanging in the game. Because the game is nothing but a chess match with music. I’m sure Show has played and lost many times with the industry. So I can’t blame him for wanting to advance technologically. It makes sense too, you don’t have to have dated equipment to make hot music. I respect the brother, I think that was the whole point of putting the video up in the first place.

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