Rsonist Gets Honest: Work Ethic, Hip-Hop, Personal Sacrifices

Here’s something we don’t normally run across everyday… a sincere, honest interview with few traces of promoting a current or upcoming project.

Rsonist of the Heatmakerz discusses receiving the big break from Camron, his first job at a concession stand, first beginning to make music, and receiving his first placement after about 6 months.  Rsonist also goes into his average daily schedule, work ethic, and personal sacrifices involved in a successful music career.

Tools of Choice:
Akai MPC 2000
Akai MPC 4000
E-MU Proteus 2000
Korg Trinity Rack
Roland XV-3080

Notable Quote:
"People abused hip-hop so much that it’s hard to say what it really means to me now.  Now it’s just more of a way to make money and get out of a bad situation.  Before it was more of people just expressing themselves, now it’s just people doing what they do to make money."

"What turns me off is people that make music just for the sake of trying to make money.

1,468 thoughts on “Rsonist Gets Honest: Work Ethic, Hip-Hop, Personal Sacrifices”

  1. Exactly, that turns me off from a lot of rappers as well.
    Rappers should be doing music out of love for the music in the first place, money second.
    Dont start doing music just cause you think you can get money from it cause chances are small.
    You can just hear it when cats do it for the money, cause a lot of times those cats sound just like other artists that are hot. (thats what i think)

  2. Rsonist is no better.
    He’s mentions money several times in this video.
    But, tries to justified it by saying he hates producers who do it for the money.

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