Solitar x Cypha Sounds: Making The Flyest f/ Lil Wayne

Cypha Sounds and Solitair reveal the making of The Flyest f/ Lil Wayne, which was originally leaked as Lil Wayne’s "Outstanding" with production credit attributed to Dr. Dre.  Solitair demos Akai MPC4000 chops along with a quick taste of Cypha Sounds’ production setup.

[Respect to Ian @ NFADK]

Online Promo Tip:
Solitair’s website is a perfect example of how aspiring artists can execute a simple, yet effective online presence; real domain, readily available music, and links to every possible place you may want to follow him.

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  1. Thanks playboi…and I ain’t hatin cuz I’m from Canada too jus like Solitaire. I think he was tryin to dig 4 some credibility in sayin people thought their production was Dre’s lol…whateva works I guess hahahahah…..

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