Rik Marvel, Illmind, Marco Polo: BoomBox Tour Footage

Producers Rik Marvel, Illmind, and Marco Polo face off onstage to showcase an original track using a sample from the Exorcist soundtrack.  Half battle/half showcase, each of them was able to flip the exact same sample snippet into a uniquely personal track.  Although the sound quality was questionable, they all still killed it.

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  1. i think The Alchemist already flipped this track it wa sin one of his instrumental beat tapes if im not mistaken…

  2. @janet

    Winners will be both in the forum and later on the front page of the site. We are working around the busy schedule of our judge, but we’ll have the announcement soon.

  3. Wow, nice beat battle. I am feelin Rik Marvels beat. Marvel’s beat comes off super clean and hard with the piano riffs and the buildups.

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