Prolyfic Talks About Lupe Fiasco and History of First N Fifteenth


Fake Shore Drive has a way of delivering top notch interviews packed with a fascinating info.  This time around, Chicago producer Prolyfic, best known for his work with Lupe Fiasco, steps up to talk about his beginnings as producer, history of First N Fifteenth, the infamous net leak of Food & Liquor, and much more.

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  1. i think that rappers who have made their breakthroughs should support rappers in the less priveleged countries. I stay in Zimbabwe, where rap music is considered as music for “hooligans”. You would find that the entertainment media preferes the older classical tunes. THe rap industry in Zimbabwe needs a break through. I tarted rapping when i was 12 and all of my works have been turned down by the media because they claim that we are following the ways of the west

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