Quickswitch DJ Turntable Controller

Looking for an alternative DJ controller solution? Billing itself as the world’s first turntable contoller, Quickswitch promises to deliver 120 different programmable buttons that fit neatly around your turntables with complete software compatibility using MIDI and HOT KEY macros.

Though no officially available yet, when it finally ships Quickswitch will be available in in 3 different versions ranging from $199 to 299.

Head over to Quickswitch to obtain additional info, pre-order, or even invest.

Thanks DeeJay!

747 thoughts on “Quickswitch DJ Turntable Controller”

  1. Ummm what people seems to miss about all these controllers (aka gimmicks) is they sound absolutely rubbish!!!

  2. Cool they created their own controller but it isn’t anything that can’t be done with any of the other controllers that are on the market.

  3. Yea you guys are right, another gimmick, which can be done with any other controller. Not only that but the first clip… Juggling by repeatedly pressing a button?? Very little skill involved. The powers that be keep forcing DJs/ musicians this bullshit all that people want is to groove to a fuckin beat man. Djs need not get sucked into this bull. Whatever happen to two turntables, a mixer and some dope skills. (and records of course). Saying that Serato aint that bad if your doing a big set or want to play your own shit without having to get it cut. but please NO MORE CONTROLLERS.

    • That’s funny, you got Ricci Rucker, one of the illest scratchers ever backing it.

      Nobody ever claimed it was juggling it’s another method of audio manipulation. Controllerism.

  4. Haters… just back off and let us have fun with our toys. Who gives a shit if it doesn’t add anything new. It looks FUN AS HELL to use!

    People are so jaded…. damn.

  5. it is funny though, how the video says “here’s another GAME-CHANGING REVOLUTIONARY device” but it’s just another controller. I fail to see the big deal. It does look fun though.

  6. Definitely not revolutionary, but it looks fun and convenient if you don’t have enough space for a controller. But that fretless fader posted a while back is DEFINITELY revolutionary.

  7. Thats a pretty hyped up video for something controlling cue points. It just seems like a controller that fits on your turntable. There has to be more to it….more info?

  8. We just allowed a beautiful art form, The art of DJing, to be reduced to pushing a bunch of silly ass buttons!!

  9. Just like Robzilla said it opens new doors for turntablist to actually become musicians by manipulating the controller as keys on a piano…..etc,etc.
    It looks cool just to play with it but i rather fuck with real records as i always have and i will till the day i die……..but never say never you might like it.

  10. I know im diggin up an old thread here but i take back my negative comment towards controllers. It should be towards those who use them as a front to hide the wackness. If controllers are your thing, or even if they re not!, check this performance out, it may change your mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCA4yiPfFIg

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