Dicer DJ Controller Announced By Novation

Novation has announced the

Novation has announced Dicer, a fully integrated digital vinyl performance controller. The USB powered Dicer comes in sets of two for placement on a turntable, laptop, or CDJ’s and can be programmed to control Serato Scratch Live, Native Instruments Traktor, Ableton Live, and even Propellerhead Reason.

Dicer comes with an expected price tag of $99 and will be available late June/early July 2010.

Visit Novation for more info.

1,244 thoughts on “Dicer DJ Controller Announced By Novation”

  1. Another sign that turntable hacks will die soon, especially when people are sticking all kinds of crap like this to their equipment to get the same functionality they could from a pair of NS7s.

  2. hhhmmmm……….. yea, you can pretty much already control serato with any midi controller, not to mention if you have the 57sl you can do everything he was doing with the cue buttons on different groups, etc.

  3. F!@king robots!! what people forget is all these controllers sound super wac! no human feel, that’s why people with no soul lap it all up.

  4. this has absolutely nothing to do with why i fell in love with DJing in ’93. so fucking weak.

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