Oh No Incase Commercial: iPad Cases & Music Technology

Protective case manufacturer Incase shows its mastery of new media by featuring an interview with Oh No. The producer talks about growing up with his brother Madlib, making beats with the iPad, technology, and the freedom to create.

All I do is kick that raw, raw stuff. That raw, nasty, gangreen go jump off a bridge, toilet bowl music, disgusting, nasty… that’s what I’m about. That rawness.

552 thoughts on “Oh No Incase Commercial: iPad Cases & Music Technology”

  1. So um yeah um cool & that man, you know fire an all dat…….but how about showing exactly how the iplod changes the entire 100 amazing years of music recording industry for the better?

    If it ain’t broke……………….

  2. that korg ipad app as far as i know, CANNOT sample, chop, or even load up your own wavs. there is no way in hell he made that beat with the ipad.

    plus the beat in the video is from the OhNo vs NowAgain album, which came out before the ipad was even released. SMH.

    glad they are trying to get some paper, but comeon OhNo/Stonesthrow…don’t blatantly lie to the people.


    • I was thinking the same exact thing. I even went to the Korg website to see if the page for the app stated anything different (in regards to being able to load samples like in other apps like Intua’s Beatmaker).


      But yet, in the commercial that got it looking like he’s recording samples straight from the tables and ish.

      It’s a shame the lengths people will go to make a buck.

      But, I’ll say, if it was possible to load samples AND create original synth patches (not just some pre-loaded mess), I’d have been ordering my Ipad right now.

      I BEEN looking for something to create beats with on the go that was intuitive.

  3. uhhhh, isn’t this video about Incase protective cases though?? He just happens to be messing around with whatever program that is…the cases look really sleek though…

    • @ juiceboxjackson:

      check the Stonesthrow page with this video, which is titled “OH NO MAKES SOME DISGUSTING, JUMP-OFF-A-BRIDGE, TOILET BOWL BEATS ON AN IPAD (VIDEO)”:

      also, on the Incase website they have a page with info on OhNo which says: “Stones Throw recording artist Oh No uses the Korg iElectribe App on up to three iPads at a time to create his signature sound.” but then all the ohNo tracks they have on their page came out before the ipad was even released.

      exactly what part of his signature sound comes from the ipad?

      just saying they really don’t need to fake like hes been producing on the ipad all this time. commercial would have been just as cool without all the pretending. why hype him as an ipad musician and then play old stuff that clearly isn’t made on the ipad?

  4. who da fuck is gonna get THREE. i repeat, THREE ipads just to make something really dope..?

  5. the songs were obviously released before the iPad came out. he’s probably making beats on the iPad and working them into new music he is recording. do you really think new songs will have been produced already? there’s a difference between beatmaking and performing and produced songs for albums. the iPad is too new for anyone to be an iPad musician, but people are working with it.

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