DJ Premier & Pete Rock: Personal Competition, Classic Eras

214 thoughts on “DJ Premier & Pete Rock: Personal Competition, Classic Eras”

  1. why did they use such waaaack beats for this interview? why not just use primo and PR instrumentals?? it boggles the mind

  2. im a big fan of both these cats music and they both seem pretty cool too – BUT – I do get a bit tired of Premos endless self promotion and ‘im a pioneer, purist, 90s king etc etc’ he says the same stuff every chance he gets! Im not saying it isnt true but i dunno – the phrase ‘let others sing your praises’ comes to mind when I hear him say the same things over and over!

    • Feeling that thing about premo man, it all seems to shoot to his head a bit to fast lately, maybe it is cuz all the GURU shit thats going on? Makes him remember shit etc?

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