Prince Paul On Hipsters & Classic Hip-Hop

Prince Paul offers commentary on so-called hipsters, skinny jeans, and new styles of hip-hop.  Paul also touches on New York hip-hop, touring with Freddie Fox, and new projects.

Notable Quote:
“Everything to me seems like an offshoot or a bite of something else, especially in hip-hop at this point.  I don’t think I’ve heard anything super-duper original for the first time in the last ten years.”

Part 2 after the break!

1,545 thoughts on “Prince Paul On Hipsters & Classic Hip-Hop”

  1. dope interview. I’ll be doing a Prince Paul tribute on the Wake up Show in 2 weeks. Keep your ears open. peace yall.

  2. Prince Paul is mad dope,but who are the legends that will follow in his path. The streets of Jo’burg is coming to get you.

  3. Part 2 was good stuff. I say embrace the fact that the internet brings less quality control. It should be up to an individual to choose what they like or don’t like. Part of being good at research is knowing how to quickly filter through bullshit.

    The shit that people are listening to now is kind of the end all of quality control for hip-hop, Lil Wayne is the motherfucker that no one wanted on the radio for good reason. Since he decided to get back into once the filter turned to swiss cheese, he is a successful squeaky mouse sounding motherfucker.

    Once that filter is entirely gone, and people are know longer relying on the radio or whatever to tell them what to listen too, and have to research and learn to like shit for themselves, that is when we will hear a revival like never before.

    It is already happening for the people that have long forgotten about the filters, just like always it is the majority that is slow to catch up.

    Prince Paul is a cool dude, he isn’t really nostalgic for the past, beyond what is logical, the beginning of something is always beautiful, he is always on the hunt for something interesting, that is what music, life, should always be about.

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