9th Wonder Watches Too Much TV

3,063 thoughts on “9th Wonder Watches Too Much TV”

  1. It`s on a Denice Williams album “Songbird” I believe.It was a full-lenght song before the theme to Family Ties. Get to Digging.

  2. I can flip that 20k pyramid and that Family ties shit. but that who’s the boss? meh… and that care bears countdown??? GTFOH!!

  3. yea, i aint gonna lie, that “family ties” theme song is my jam. I had that on my mp3 player for a while. i think i do a good denice williams impression!!

  4. Hieroglyphics used the Taxi theme back in the 90’s. You ain’t as original as you think you are. Stick to Fruity Loops you whack ass bitch.

  5. Word bond, Dude had me really listening to that “Who’s the Boss?” joint like..that was actually a dope theme song. Dude need to flip them joints his damn self.

  6. I’ve talked to 9th at local clubs around Raleigh , NC…..Imma tell ya straight up….he a straight up country boy from the sticks of North Carolina……there are some things about country boys from NC that u must Know[Basic Stuff]……….”cutting ya mama’s grass, ….[going to church(musical influnces are learned there)]….and last…. TRYNA FIND SUMTHIN TO DO when that fails……..we what….WATCH T.V……..majority of the time we can’t find nuthing 2 do.

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