DJ Jazzy Jeff Vs. LL Cool J “Rock The Bells”

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  1. @loxy – right on 2 parts, wrong on 1. It is a transform scratches. Jazzy Jeff created that scratch. And it is Serato Scratchlive. But its not that easy with the ease and little hand movements he uses. A good, experienced DJ can tell that the way he scratches shows his experience, confidence, and ability to do it better than all. Its like saying, “Its easy. Jordan just dunked the ball.”

    • i watched your videos… not even close to jazzy jeff…. to me not impressive at all, in fact irritating. perhaps you should post a better video b4 you boast about your skills

    • thats some crazy scratching but its annoying as hell, this has rhythm its not called scratch the shit out of a song jeff, hes jazzy jeff, so much more style and rhythm

  2. He was just having fun with an LL classic bro. You are missing the point of the video. ?uestlove snagged some footage of a legend just chillin’/messin’ with some CLASSIC shit. I youtube: “turntablism” all the time and see a hundred cats showing off their skills. Dope stuff on there. The vid’s you dropped were dope too.
    It’s also enjoyable to watch a pioneer and see him in chill mode, no pressure….just having fun.
    It’s fun to imagine ?uestlove next to DJ Jazzy Jeff with a flip cam.

    Not a competition bro.


  3. Loxy,
    Who the hell cares what they do over in France? We INVENTED the ish over here and still do it the best over here! When’s the last time you heard of a top hip-hop artist from France? Didn’t think so. And anyone who doesnt appreciate Jazzy Jeff, arguably the greatest dj of all time, who’ll still eat anyone, doesnt have a clue. And he don’t even need Serrato….he been sick on the 1s and 2s since u were a baby, believe that

  4. Roxy, do you even know about the history of the DJs? Who started it all? Well, DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the Pioneer and you try to compare this guy from France. I have all of Jazzy Jeff’s Albums and singles on vinyl not on mp3. I still prefer the records which requires more skill. By the way, Europeans cannot hang with USA Djs. Why? They banned my boy from the DMC competition in Germany who won the following:

    This boy won DMC USA Champion 1991 (Solo)
    DMC World Champion 1992 – Rock Steady DJs (Qbert, Mixmaster Mike & Apollo)
    DMC World Champion 1993 – Dreamteam (Qbert & Mixmaster Mike)
    DMC World Champion 1994 – Dreamteam (Qbert & Mixmaster Mike)

    All of these DJs that won the DMC competition all respect DJ Jazzy Jeff and that includes me who started at the same time as dj shortkut. We used to battle in the garage with our technics slbd belt drive turntables and using a Radioshack mixer. We would have dimes on top of our needles to have some weight. Well, all I can say is respect Jazzy Jeff the man is one of the pioneers of the DJs and I say he started it all in the mid-80s.

    DJ Jazzy Jeff, you are still the man and we in San Francisco, CA USA Bay Area all that we have is respect for you “The Pioneer of the DJs.” Peace out!

  5. @loxy

    yeah u can scratch but not like jeff and your arms move way too much j.j. is the best dj still performing today check “i wanna rock” then show me u can do that

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  7. What happened to the video?
    if it’s been moved could some body please provide the link, please!


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