Nospeakerz Vs 14KT – Big Tune Final Round

19 thoughts on “Nospeakerz Vs 14KT – Big Tune Final Round”

  1. Interesting . . . I thought you couldn’t use samples at Big Tunes . . . Dude had tight beats though I think it came down to an energy thing like, Rakim said you gotta “Move the Crowd”

  2. yeah, you gotta wonder if they have to get samples cleared before they put em in videos like this or something…when you apply it pretty clearly states that you beats should be sample-free but it’s kinda of an unspoken expectation that you are gonna flip some samples…

  3. Its to bad they don’t post the entire battle, the big tune website only has this video. I wanna see the whole thing dammit!!

  4. Beat makers and producers! Stop with the bad dancing!!! Such a great event and dope beats, but to me the clown dancing takes away from it IMO. It’s right that a beat wins if the producer is the most animated? I always thought that’s the crowds job.

  5. All the beats were pretty mediocre IN MY OPINION. I think “No Speakers” could have been competition, or even won if their mixes were better. There drums sounded hallow and the overall mix was low as fuq.

    Jus My Thoughts…..

  6. Overall Detroit destroyed the rest of this country, NoSpeakerz and 14KT are Detroit and Ypsi fellas respectively, and shut the rest of the competition down in a city that notoriously doesn’t vibe with Detroit. Both of the beats sound terrible in video form (poor video skills redbull) and I have heard them all in live competition here in Michigan so don’t believe the range of sound or even the dance movements, you can’t pick up a good audio at these events. If you think you can step to em get on the pads and work, work, work, and maybe, just maybe, then you can enter into the rookie stage at some bum ass club beat battle.

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