14KT Wins 2010 Red Bull Big Tune Finals!


Congratulations to producer 14KT, winner of the 2010 Red Bull Big Tune National Finals.   Facing fierce competition and the intense scrutiny of legends such as Dj Premier and Just Blaze, 14KT proved that he possesed the stuff that champions are made of.

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17 thoughts on “14KT Wins 2010 Red Bull Big Tune Finals!”

    • Man Exile murdered Araab.
      It wasnt even close.
      I got it recorded on my EVO but the pro footage will prolly be better.
      Araab was decent. 6/10. His shit was like his youtube videos.

      Exile shit seemed like more of a freestyle AND it was on point. The nigga hit the MPC with the sides of his hands. Rubbed the pads like a dam turntable. Hit it with his fist AND HIS FACE @ the end and it all sounded raw.

  1. One day he will be judging one of these and one of us will be freaking out cause we met him (like he was when he played beats for Just Blaze). Truly a leader of the new school IMO…

  2. I dont think 14KT played one wack beat. Even when his 1 beat started with a Mint Condition sample i was like -____-
    Then the beat came on i was like DAM!

    He deserved to win IMO.

  3. why is the internet slow on the exile vs aarab footage?

    properly presented that could have been like some isp vs xmen type shit.

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