Nicolay On Quitting Music, Forming Foreign Exchange


In a lecture session with Red Bull, Foreign Exchange producer Nicolay tells the story of studying music, quitting music, and finally returning after connecting with Phonte through the Okayplayer messageboard. 

Nicolay, a formally trained musician, also talks about the benefits of musical theory and education in the creation of Hip-Hop instrumentals.

Hear the whole audio interview.

861 thoughts on “Nicolay On Quitting Music, Forming Foreign Exchange”

  1. He’s in my top 10 Hip-Hop Producers.
    His stuff is so much more musical than most other producers.

  2. I definitely fux with it. I remember as a shawty in High school bumpin old tapes coming across Nicolay’s shit.

    Also caught a couple of interviews in Scratch magazine and whatnot.

    Reaall TUFFFF!! AND VERYYYY Inspiring.

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