Nashiem Myrick Talks The Commission & Carlos Broady

Pt. 2 of Grind Music Radio’s interview with Nashiem Myrick has the producer discussing The Commission, meeting and working with fellow producer Carlos Broady, and running down a list of his favorite work, most of which he claims is unreleased.

So I meet up with Carlos. The first day we get together we go to the studio and do Queen B**** together.

Album To Check Out:
First Take by Roberta Flack

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  1. “if BIG were alive we wouldnt even be listening to most of the bullshit thats out today”

    I wouldn’t say that, Biggie did do some more “pop” records in his day…..

    Nothing would be different right now on the radio if Biggie was around or not

  2. Yo, what is the song they are talking about like at 4mn

    when the guy saying “i dont understand how you chopped the sample to this day???” is it “T.O.N.Y.” ????

    thank you in advance

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