Alex Da Kid Talks Bad Musicianship, Music Genres

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  1. how can he hope to be a “newer version of quincy jones” if he labels himself a bad musician, i wonder… music on that level comes only from producers with musical aptitude, the technology can’t make up for that. it baffles me that people consider these elements somehow separable.

  2. Yea, dude really admitted he’s a horrible producer bcuz Massive Attack hurts my ears literally. The mixing is poor and the melody/drum pattern sucks. He’s just one of those guys that knows a lot of people and he got his foot in the door.

  3. da kid is new and he is making hitz already.iknow yall want gud stuff 2 hear bt stop hatin on him. give him about a year,u gonna say i told you.

  4. Jeez, why so much hate? This guy has gone from zero, to hit maker in the space of a few months….. but he has WORKED and NETWORKED to get there – that my friends, is what the music industry is about.

    How well do you think Dr. Dre plays the guitar? Or Timbaland plays keys?

    Point exactly.. You could be a multi-instrumentalist but never release a record in your life. I take my imaginary hat off to him.

    PS. 17th Dimension – I googled your music………..Absolute toilet water.

    • Dre doesn’t play any instruments. Instead, he works with and directs musicians who then translate his vision. On The Chronic 2001, Dre collaborated with producers/musicians Mel-Man, Scott Storch and Mike Elizondo – all of which received credit for their work. While Dre may not lay the string arrangement or piano keys to a beat, he’s still arranging and directing the song.

  5. he produced airplanes and love the way you lie. do some research guys before you label him as useless. he didn’t know alot of people. he made trips from the uk to the usa and met people. unlike other bedroom producers he worked at his talent and went out and got it, can’t just sit around and wait for people to hand it to you.

  6. @gavin, Yup, that’s about sums up positively what a little pro active networking can do. Going out of your comfort zone is the key to bring new opp. Alex da kid has inspired me in this way. You don’t even need to play an instrument well, when you have the music inside your head. you know what sounds could and have to deliver a catchy radio song. That’s a whole lotta powerful skillz right their.

  7. @Gavin and Wander. Totally agree with you folks, STOP the hate, theres alot more to the game than being able to play keys and guitar. Its cool if you hate the tracks, HE still made a bunch of change whether YOU think its whack or not!! Thats life. As far as his skills, you all need to listen to I Need a Doctor. BIG.

    Nuff said.

    Props ADK

  8. @Jon B he’s definitely made alot of change, he’s just bought a $19 million house! he’s only been big for like 6 months. ADK is my new idol.

  9. Alex had one of the biggest years a newcomer could have but haven’t seen him much around since. Read this interview awhile back, surprised at his honesty regarding his musicianship really.

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