DJ Khalil: The Making of “Almost Famous” By Eminem

648 thoughts on “DJ Khalil: The Making of “Almost Famous” By Eminem”

  1. Nice, this was one of my favorite beats off the album…it’d be nice to get a sneak peek at how he did the drums for all us Reason users 🙂

  2. yeah those drums are sick, also my favorite beat from the album… a sneak peak on those drums would be sick indeed… I think I read somewhere he uses majorleagueaudio’s drum kit, don’t know if he used it for this beat tho

  3. pretty sure homey just mics actual drums and in some case live drum sessions. Check youtube.

  4. I agree with Spank, a lot of Khalil’s most recent work has been sample-free, live stuff. He just makes his shit sound like samples. Big shouts to his right-hand man Chin Injeti for his musicianship. He’s been involved in the Canadian music industry for almost 20 years. They both deserve the mainstream recognition they’re currently enjoying.

  5. That fat greasy nigga kalil is whack!!!
    I don’t know how clowns like this actually retain a career in the hip hop game.
    I don’t even consider this shit that’s out nowadays hip hop.
    It’s like fucking pop idol hits and ringtones.
    These “rappers” (if you want to call ’em that) are nothing more than a bunch of corporate shills jigging for a buck.
    No lyrical content, most “hip hop” songs are based around some shitty sound kit sample catchy MTV party to go type hook with autotune.
    These pussies don’t know shit about the rap game.
    I make beats AND rap.
    My weapons of choice:
    mpc 2000xl
    1/4″ reel to reel, 4 track
    4 track tascam cassette
    DAW (for tracking out & effects only)
    Real hip hop.

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