Laptop Logic w/ DJ Green Lantern

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  1. ….using a computer keyboard instead of a midi controller doesn’t make any sense to me… there’s no way that’s good for the keys and i doubt it properly represents the velocity of each note since it’s not weighted. and if you don’t know what you played just go to the score editor and it’ll tell you exactly what notes you played, but you’d have to be able to read music notation and if you play only by ear you’ll probably be stuck in 4/4 with no idea what key signature it is so I doubt we’ll be hearing anyone sing over these beats, but they’re perfectly fine for any rapper which i assume is his intention.

    and yes, that was a terribly worded run on sentence. and no, i’m not a hater or trying to say i’m better than him, I just think his production technique is unusual

  2. i wanna learn how to use logic . matter of fact i have logic. i deleted logic studi cause it took too much space on my harddrive. i have logic express 8 now. you need 2 computer monitors to run that shit. i cant learn anything when you got 3 windows in one screen lol

  3. does anybody know why my wav samples wont bounce to disk in the nnxt and nn19. When i make a song and it sounds one way then when i save or /export the track out of reason and bring it back to work on it later it sounds totally diffetent and the sample is gone period !! the song will play i can hear the drums in redrum but the sample i loaded in nnxt or nn19 is replaced with a reason sound from one of reson refills. i can’t explain it other than its like hearing a multitimbral keyboard playing everything on the same midi channel,

  4. Damn! HE SUCKS!!! How the f*ck did Immortal Technique agree to work with this monkey??

    Sounds like s*it in my ears, and it doesn’t seem like he knows jack about music production! SHAME ON YOU LANTERN!

    • What’s the problem with Reason again? and have you gone to the forums and asked?

      Check out Kelakovski on the Keyboard Keyboard playing as well.

  5. I don’t know what his overall intentions are, but if you are in class, or on a plane or on a bus or train or something, it’d be really nice to be able to get some quick ideas out just using the keyboard…depending on how big the budget is for the artist or the magnitude of the project, he’d probably get a real player in there to redo the entire track…just my 2 pennies…

    • Dude, I fucking love Logic. It’s a great layout and comes with some reeeeaaaal quality plug-ins out the box. Seriously, it’s a great DAW. I’m not gonna say it’s better than any others, but it is slammin’.

  6. Hey Crakhed..i noticed you posted the exact comment at the 2dopeboyz site and it looks like you did on the louisden beat ciphers site also..get a life new jack!

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