Just Blaze On The Significance of Baseline Studios

450 thoughts on “Just Blaze On The Significance of Baseline Studios”

  1. He sounds like he’s having a nervous breakdown. fuck the sneaker store make some damn beats ! we in a recession and I know rent ain’t free.Sounds like he’s doing what alot of producers do after a while dwell in the past and not do the future. thats what happened to irv gotti ‘ and dr dre is still holding oout on detox ! dre knows he can’t out do what he did so he said fuck it. niggas buy shit they get lazy. bought a 5 million dollar studio and wants to sit in a chair and stair at the walls. this is madness.

    • Just cause someone is famous doesnt mean he is your property . i cant understand people saying stuff like what you said. Talk for yoself, what have you done? thats what you should be focusing on.
      He fell off, he this , he that.. all a that yap yap..Shit.

  2. No, he’s not on Blueprint 3. Check out “Exhibit C” by Jay Electronica. It’s new and it’s great and it’s produced by Just Blaze. He’s one of the few producers with an outlet that keeps some true school elements in his beats.

  3. It`s a good thing Just isn`t on Blueprint 3. It`s GARBAGE. It could`ve been done way better. It`s a two song album in my opinion.

  4. @ FemiatWork
    but konye is doing the rap part on 2 songs on the album . Jay gave him a feature on 2 songs ! Konye ‘ timbo and pharrell all got a healthy adavance and endless royalties. He aint give just bragg shit !

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