Drumma Boy On The Importance of Artist Relationships

308 thoughts on “Drumma Boy On The Importance of Artist Relationships”

  1. drumma boy is really steppin up his game i think he’s the next producer to really shine. money to blow is a catchy track i aint mad.and the joint he did wit jezzy and plies is hot ! i thought he was from atlanta but he’s from m town. it aint where u from its where u at

  2. Yeah i’m feelin him as well, even though he ain’t no premier or pete rock, i liked that Jeezy joint he did. In a couple of years this dude will have the South on lock.

  3. dis nigga aint creative enuff to be the next nigga to blow his time is now hes no neptunes no timbo no and even on a south tip i will take zay or redd over him

  4. @ osmosis I agree he’s not no timbo or neptunes but he’s better I think ‘ than redd and zaytoven. why cause all thier shit sounds the same. but that money to blow joint with birdman ‘ drake ‘ and lil wayne was more instrumental ! i don’t think redd and zaytoven are bringing live instruments into the equasion . i think they walk in the studio with a triton le and a mpc and that it . maybe a phantom x6 or motif ‘ but thats everybody nowadays. not just in the south. I watched havoc from mobb deep use a motif and mpc and killed it ! word up

    • yup its who u know not how creative you are,@tony the dude uses sounds off the net(i do to but i’m broke lol) but even at that he doesn’t edit them or nothing i bet you can find half of the shit he make beats with on the net he has all those resouces but he uses net shit/stock motif,fantom and really getting credit for a sound that 3’6 mafia/lil jon started yea been there done that 10 time over

    • sumthing outside that square but most people won’t understand it and till its cool just like kid cudi,neptunes,jdilla, lol oh well

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