JohnBeez Fretless Fader 2010 Update

Fretless Fader creator JohnBeez gives an update and explanation of his diabolical hardware creation.  In addition to showing off the major/minor switch, he shows how the Fretless Fader has the unique ability to move both up and down an octave.

See more of the Fretless Fader demoed here.

1,007 thoughts on “JohnBeez Fretless Fader 2010 Update”

  1. now that’s what i’m talkin’ about! turntablism that’s actually musical with some soul. not just some technical scratch geek shit over some stale electro tracks. this is too dope!

  2. @ ibn yasir- The track is “Target” By Thes One off his “Lifestyle Marketing” album. The whole album is dope. now, back to the fader. I`ve been waiting for this to hit the market for quite sometime now. I hope he can put this out on the market soon. I will definitely buy this.

  3. Hellz yea this is dope!!! Good work JohnBeez!! You should get together with Teeko and do something crazy. He’s nasty on the controller one also!

    • Seeing as how Rane doesn’t make turns, let alone midi controlled turns, I don’t think they would make this unit. Though if they did they’d make sure it lasts and the fader would last forever too 🙂

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