Fretless Fader Offers Scratching Plus MIDI Control

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  1. Thats Insane!

    Yo, thats what i call real innovation for DJ’s
    This is not some cheap DJ-Idea i think, its just straight fire.
    This is something i could see myself buying.

    The idea to make the fader-piece go up and down is pure genius.

    Beat in it is sick as well
    I think These drums are chopped from some break. I cant remember which one though.

  2. THIS IS IT!!!!

    This just changed everything!

    It’s the missing piece to the puzzle.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    It really is genius.

  3. wow, now this is taking turntablism to the next level! i would have a field day with that fader! yo, son crabbed through the talk box..haha! that was ill. editing was good too. dope find semantik!

  4. This is dope. And using samples like this is mad creative. Crazy Props to this cat. Putting AutoTune all over a record or throwing a break into fruity loops and saying your a producer is bull.

  5. Amazing Indeed

    I designed the concept of the Controller One in 2005, and also gave it its name. In 2006 presented it to Vestax, in 2008 it was released.

    Before the fretless fader, the idea was to use a footpedal to achieve another form of pitch control without the use of hands.

    They didn’t include the foot pedal feature on the final version, but that’s good, because this wouldn’t of happened.

    This is the same turntable some people doubted, and even now, people don’t even realize that this fader exists BECAUSE of the Controller One. I think people are looking at this fader as an instrument, it’s not.

    The Controller One is a new musical concept, a new way to make music, manifested. The Controller One is the instrument, the fretless fader is the midi controller/audio mixer.

    Maybe the Controller One didn’t make sense to some because the turntable was the only device taking major steps in this direction, as opposed to both turntable AND mixer making the same progress at the same time.

    The Controller One made scratch more dimensional, it was no longer just percussive, but now melodic. Now it seems with the fretless fader, that even the motions of scratching have become more dimensional too. Instead of left right, back forth, its now, left right, up down, back forth.

    Since the instrument is monophonic, the use of midi on the Controller One with the control of pitch of the fader, will create effects that will only be made the C1.
    Being able to use the Controller One as a stand alone instrument WITHOUT a midi controller, is still critical apart of the music.

    I would like to try it, but already from looking at it, it seems to be the complimenting mixer style needed to complete the foundation of the direction of the Controller One. The Controller One is the FIRST instrument of its kind, and this seems to be the first new style of mixer made FOR IT.

    There is now no doubt that a new form of music can be formed around this system now.


  6. Word, a lot of people, were and still are hating on the C1, but the way i see it is that, if offers up much more possiblities on the cut, it actually offers what scratch/turntable music needed, the ability to make scratch tracks more musical.

    With this fader shit is going to get crazy.

    I think people should embrace these changes, so that scratch music can continue moving forward. Cos beleive me some of the new turntable tracks im hearing are killing a lot of contempory productions, whether hip hop or not.

  7. Midi out would been a great idea, Mr Rucker.

    (cheaper price and portability too)

    I could do tones with DVS (and Midi out too) and this mixer is the key (because is midi out).

    C-one is Insignificant and it’s price the worst part.

    I’m sorry, you missed the shot this time.

  8. It’s not hating, it is about Scratch technique as a instrument…

    With this mixer and software everybody could do the same (legato bendings) without c-one.

    Controller one? no, Controlled one… your device doesn’t controls nothing because is not midi out.

    Midi controls the c-one and the dsp pitch is the only new way of c-one… It is like an old synth in the VST era!

    About the kind of approarch… Did you know Variphrasing or Ableton Live?

    I could do the same controlling tone and speed separately…

    Don’t despise Fretless because you become a hater and gives me hate the hater and nothing interesting about it…

    Why Vestax are releasing motorized control platter and Midi (hid/usb) out mixers?

    You idea was good but doesn’t enough.

    Sincerely disappointing (don’t hate hater),

    skype: Davidradionica

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