iKey Delivers Portable WAV + MP3 Recording


Here’s an simple, portable, and low cost device to self-record your live club mixes and performances.  The iKey from Gemini offers real time recording in MP3 or Wav Format via USB and RCA inputs. 

Add the fact that iKey fits in the palm of your hand, weighs only 2 lbs, is iPod compatible, and has been spotted at retailers for $129; now you’ve got a streamlined way to churn out podcasts or archive your best performances.


  • Records audio to uncompressed WAV format or MP3 format (w/ selectable bit rate, up to 320kbps)
  • LED Indicator shows memory remaining on target drive
  • Battery powered (4AA) w/ low battery indicator
  • Included DC adaptor
  • Level clip indicator
  • Record volume control
  • Reset button

30 thoughts on “iKey Delivers Portable WAV + MP3 Recording”

  1. I bought one of these where I used to work to hook right into a sound system; they’ve been around for few years now.

    Anyway, in typical Gemini fashion — things don’t go quite right. Whenever the iKey was turned on it created RF interference that would obliterate one of the two wireless mics we were using. $129 wasted — or whatever we paid.

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