Quad 2 Offers Open Architecture Digital Vinyl Alternative


We’ve got another competitor in the digital DJ realm.  This time Schaack introduces Quad 2, an open architecture Digital Vinyl System (DVS) that could prove to be a low cost rival to proprietary hardware devices such as Serato Scratch Live, M-Audio Torq, and Native Instruments Traktor.

More features and video after the jump.

Rather than using it’s own hardware interface, Quad 2 work with any ASIO compatible soundcard with enough inputs and outputs.  Another key selling point is that DJ’s wanting to add further complexity to their performances can utilize up to 4 decks rather than the standard 2 deck solution.

Notable Features:

  • Allows connecting turntables directly to Line Inputs on the soundcard
  • Nearly every parameter is MIDI controllable
  • MIDI feedback for endless rotary MIDI controllers or motorized fader MIDI controllers
  • Resizable and completely user-configurable GUI: Channels may be shown/hidden, EQ/Filter/asf. may be shown/hidden
  • Support of MP3s and WAVs
  • Tempo-synchronization of up to 4 tracks using SYNC
  • 1-deck support to mix up to 4 tracks
  • External MIDI Clock may be used as tempo sync source to sync Quad with drum machines or sequencers
  • Virtual Zero Lock Range makes pitch 0 really 0 and virtually eliminates the "resting point" at pitch 0 on old turntables
  • Recording the mix as .WAV (16 or 32 Bit) during mixing is possible
  • Keyboard shortcuts allow using Quad without touching the mouse
  • Preview Player for fast prelistening of tracks on Headphones
  • 3-band Equalizers with parametric mids from 100Hz to 10kHz
  • Tempo-matched FX (Flanger,Phaser,Echo,Delay,LFO Filter,…)
  • Tempo-matched Loop Samplers
  • Any audio material (real Vinyl/CD’s/Mic/…) may be routed from the soundcard’s inputs into Quad for mixing and FX-processing
  • Crossfader with 3 curves
  • ID3 Tags are editable
  • 4 assignable Cue Points per track
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS.

Quad 2’s full price of 89€ (approximately $130 US) includes 4 pieces of Timecode Vinyl with replacement vinyl available for $21 each.

Head over to Schaack to download the free limited feature demo.

325 thoughts on “Quad 2 Offers Open Architecture Digital Vinyl Alternative”

  1. When I read “open architecture” I was thinking source code available, able to run on Linux/BSD, or any OS with the right environment and available libraries.

    Though I’m on OS X, a Linux compatible DVS would be majorly cool.

  2. I agree… I’m a huge fan of Linux as well (although the motherboard on my laptop running Ubuntu died a couple of days ago). With the popularity of Linux and other Unix derivatives, I’m sure we’ll see an open source DVS at some point in the near future.

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