How To Scratch: Jazzy Jay & Afrika Bambaataa

A young Jazzy Jay breaks down the art of DJ’ing, the necessary equipment, and, of course, the proper name.

What’s my real name?  Well, for business purposes I usually don’t tell my real name.  I think it’s better for you to have somebody to believe in as Jazzy Jay.

Could anyone have said it better?

75 thoughts on “How To Scratch: Jazzy Jay & Afrika Bambaataa”

  1. If you know it or not that is MCA from the bestie boys when he as jazzy jay has he heard that some cookie puss by the bestie boys. just a little useless triva

    • Yeah I notice that dude as well. It looks like it was Ad- Rock (Adam Horovitz). Nice to see somebody else noticed that!

  2. This has to be like the 106 and park of audiences. I guess back then knowledge was hard to come by. The most intelligent question, “Are you the same Jazzy Jay from the radio?” I dont scratch but after watchin this Im definately going to get some felt. Haha.

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