Statik Selektah: No A&R’s, Deals Directly With Artists

Best of Both Offices presents part 2 of Sean C & LV’s interview with Statik Selektah in which the producer/DJ elaborates on his methods of networking with artists, establishing relationships, and keeping an eye on up and coming talent.  Statik also touches on having multiple streams of income and sliding rate scales for preferred artists.

I don’t know any A&R’s, honestly. I might know one or two.  I don’t deal with no A&R’s. I deal with the artist.  I reach out to them. I figure out who it is.  I don’t really deal with management either.

Everybody in hip-hop got different hustles, ya know what I mean.  You can’t just be like, I’m gonna sit at home and make beats all day and hope that I pay the rent next month off it.

See part 1 of the interview in which Statik Selektah talks about his use of Pro Tools.

19 thoughts on “Statik Selektah: No A&R’s, Deals Directly With Artists”

  1. It takes alot of money and time to go to all those places and do what he’s done so I think he definately earned his respect.If you can have your hustles be all about music. like a dj or a promoter then you can strong arm your way in. He also said he left his hometown cause he did all he could do there. Thats how I feel.

  2. There’s only so much you can accomplish if you live in a small town. Plus, it makes sense to re-locate to New York, cause that’s were all the work and opportunities are in terms of hip-hop. It’s like aspiring actors who move to LA to try and get their foot in the door.

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