J Dilla On Detroit Police & Musical Recognition

J Dilla offers up an interview during a trip to Toronto.  In addition to discussing personal concerns about the Detroit Police Department, the late producer briefly comments on the increased sense of recognition received when traveling outside of his home city.

It’s weird cuz like in Detroit, ya know I’m just a regular Joe.  Ya know what I’m sayin’.  but you go to New York, or you go to Cali, or go to London. Even coming to Toronto now, you know what I’m saying now, it’s a whole different thing.  I get the love for what I do in that basement, it’s like appreciated.  So I go back and do more sh**.

[via Stones Throw via 92bpm]

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  1. i dont know what it is…he had some kind of charisma or something about him. i could zone out of dilla footage all day.

  2. This is funny cuz I just watched this the other day. His influence lives on. I put his ‘Fuck the Police’ song on my facebook status after watchin it too.

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