Havoc On J Dilla, Samples, Cookie-Cutter Producers

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  1. havoc is cool . i never knew until a few years ago that he did most of that early mobb deep shook ones ‘ hell on earth tracks and more .he taught alchimist how its done .i ain’t mad.he’s about to drop his first solo cd . imma look out for that.

  2. havoc is cool . i never knew until a few years ago that he did most of that early mobb deep stuff …shook ones ‘ hell on earth and more ! he taught alchemist how its done .i ain’t mad.he’s about to drop his first solo cd . im going look out for that.I been waiting for it on the low.

  3. T0ny, y0u g0tta step up y0ur game with the hip h0p facts. Hav0c didnt teach Alchemist. Dj Muggs did. And this isnt his 1st s0l0 album either.

  4. Tony
    Havoc drop the Hidden Files CD afew months back (dont know of any thing new)

    every beat maker/producer is always saying J Dilla is the best but b4 he past they only name they called was PREMIER, DRE, MARLEY MARL, RZA and PETE ROCK

  5. Word @ gadget

    Nobody was name dropping Dilla before he passed.
    I actually think there are more Incredible Producers (On Dilla’s Level) alive that dont get any credit for they work.

  6. Ok time for some honesty..Dilla is not my cup of tea in fact i think he’s wack. What is so great about this dude?

  7. @jm I don’t know too much about dilla either but I still give him props because he obviously gets alot a love. I was a big Rza of wu tang fan myself.I love the Rza’s beats every since enter the wu tang.I never heard such crazy beats in my life!Thats just my opinion.I listen to everybody but rza’s beats were good .Another thing he did was change the game at a time when everbody was wearing shiny suits.

  8. Tony, you’re right about no love til you’re gone! Producers who weren’t even tryin to feel Jay back in the late ’90s/new millenium or feeling pre-release Donuts are big-upping and naming him as their main influence now that he’s deceased! Jay was definitely underappreciated while alive and blown up in the posthumous similar to some Renaissance Painters.

  9. The only reason he wasn’t being name dropped is because he didn’t WANT to have a big name. It’s so easy to say that Dilla only got credit as soon as he died. That’s complete bullshit. Check what Common said in his liner notes for Like Water for Chocolate and Be. Or what Quest said in Things Fall Apart. Just because Jermaine Dupri or Diddy didn’t acknowledge him at the time doesn’t mean “nobody” is giving him recognition. Hell, Pharrell even shouted him in out 2004 on BET before people even knew he was dying. All of the best producers were well aware of who he was, and now the only reason he’s bigger is because he died and had two solo albums drop that year. It’s no coincidence, and people need to check their facts before pissing on his grave.

  10. If you like Janet Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Tribe Called Quest, The Pharcyde, Detroit Rap music, or tons of other stuff you like Dilla…stuff I grew up listening to was Dilla, and I didn’t even know it. Just never read the production credits…

  11. Fact is, humans are most likely to show love (give flowers, make and sell commemorative items, call you the greatest ever, Changed My Life, etc.) after you’re gone. The mystery of death is intriguing; it’s like an eye-opener that makes you more interested in learning about the person. In selling music you can also look at it in a business way (i.e. a way to market to a certain following). I’m glad his name is living on though…..

  12. Posted jm @ 4:56 pm:

    Ok time for some honesty..Dilla is not my cup of tea in fact i think he’s wack. What is so great about this dude?

    Dude man, I hate doing this but grab a note pad man and take notes, JDilla, I remember Quest love, and everybody raving about him and Slum Village like in 2000,remember that Janet jackson remix, I ain’t no producer but few can touch Jdilla, anyway Dilla was hot,listen to mims album and know why you not

  13. Anyone, that said he is wack and can’t understand why.. picture a dude that sat in a basement that would grab 3 random albums and compete with 2 other people T3 or Proof…and within 20m would make a banger. You were using John Doe at the time…then later you went to Jay Dee…an atl producer comes up later and runs with Jay Dee… do you get mad about the name issue..nahh its frivolous… chg yours to Jay Dilla. Then picture this dude sending out some tracks and later find out someone has stole it for a Tupac album ref. (Sucka for Love)…do you get mad nahhh you keep it movin. Then picture selling a beat to Pete Rock for 75 stacks…he changes the drums and calls it a Pete Rock remix ref. (Das EFX Real Hip Hop remix). Nothing.. Then do tracks for Biggies album after his death…dude puts you ont he joint..finds out you’re from the D… Pulls you off the track..do you get mad nahh. Then do tracks for Janet Jackson the remix and the “radio version” but some as clown puts their name down as the producer on the listing. Give Pharcydes’ SLum VIllages 1989 demo beats and they blow up crazy ref. Can’t Keep Runnin Away, the Drop, and Bullshit..all of those came out in 94. REMEMBER those beats were done in 89!! Then do tracks for every Busta album..and don’t even come in for the mix down.. you’re mix downs are 2 tracked and eq’d to the ponit where its not necessary to come in. Never heard of anyone haveing better mix down skills besides Dr. Dre. OH yea for the most part every Ummah track that was released from Tribe…that was Jay dude. In the end you’re dying and still makin beats in your hospital room. That’s why he’s the dude producers see because it wasn’t about the glitz or glammer it was about hte music and most “producers” can’t say that today. Furthermore, if you can’t grasp his work.. peep his discography alone…you’ll probably get a fkin blister from scrolling on the web page. R.I.P James Yancey he gave people that were doing hip hop in the D a window of oppurtunity when nobody would listen.

  14. Yo,

    Dilla is mad ill. I remember listening to him on days of TCQ as part of the Ummah. And most of yall don’t remember, but Amp Fiddler Williams is actually the guy that taught Dilla the basics. Dilla also had mad respect for Pete Rock, calling him his idol. The closest sounding producer today to me that sounds like Dilla is Black Milk.

  15. I know i’m late on this one, but for you dudes that are shittin on dilla you need to listen more and talk less. You’re not listening to this gift from God.

    Dilla was a messenger.

    His music is samples of what the music sounds like in Paradise!

    Rest in Power, J.

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