Mr. Supreme’s 45 Listening Session

1,931 thoughts on “Mr. Supreme’s 45 Listening Session”

  1. video was ish but the wall of vinyl made up for it !!
    one have to think how much of those records or trash

    (i have over 10crates in my garage @ one point i made up my mind they’re trash not knowing when that feeling might flip and they can rejoin the rest of the vinyl in the house)

  2. Why was that guy g0in that crazy 0ver the “Cream” sample?? Every0ne kn0ws that sample n0wadays my man

  3. @ TONY
    youre a rookie !!
    2 and a half craes !!
    bout 70 records each crate what = 175
    come on rookie pick youre up a little Vestax HandyTrax or Numark PT01 and start hitting the records store thrift store yard sale YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND YOUR WHOLE ALLOWANCE

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