Hank Shocklee At Propellerhead Producers Conference

Hank Shocklee speaks at the Montreal edition of Propellerhead’s Producers Conference.  Most known for his work with Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad, Shocklee offers insight into the recording industry, technology, and the ongoing debate about analog vs digital recording.

We try to look at things from a perspective of analog versus digital.  I don’t believe in that because I just believe analog is different.  Just like I don’t believe that AM radio sounds worse than FM radio.  I just think it sounds different.  I think that right now we’re in a time where everything is acceptable, everything can work.

Part 2 after the break!

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  1. he does make a good point throughout his speech espcially in part 2: producers do need to be real flexible in their abilities if they expect to really last in this industry.

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