DJ Supreme vs. John Swan @ 2009 DMC Battle For US Supremacy

With accusations of stolen battle routines and ample in-your-face antics, the DJ Supreme vs. John Swan round of the 2009 DMC Battle for U.S. Supremacy was definitely entertaining. 

DMC Battle for U.S. Supremacy Results:
1st Place: DJ Supreme
2nd Place: DJ SPS

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812 thoughts on “DJ Supreme vs. John Swan @ 2009 DMC Battle For US Supremacy”

  1. He didn’t just bite the routine, he also bit his name off legendary UK crew Hijack’s DJ Supreme.

    Good to see a battle where the competitors are using actual records, not just battle tools & custom vinyls though!

  2. man the dmc is so wack now has been for last 8 or so years i guess. No actual musical thought or composition. Shit is out of time, sloppy.

    Only plus side like downstroke says good to see orginal records being used but rock the bells again? c,mon switch shit up!

    DMC = Disco Mixing Circus

  3. man, dj battles ain’t the same no more. there”s no soul or funk like there was back in the day. not impressed.

  4. That was the wackest Dj battle i eva witness in my entire life… crowd was silent as fuck, routines were straight up trash.

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