DJ Premier On Tyler The Creator and Bushido

Splash! Mag sits down with DJ Premier to review and discuss clips from Yo MTV Raps, Tyler The Creator, and the documentary Secondhand Sureshots. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Secondhand Sureshots, you should definitely do it ASAP.

The most surprising elements of the interview were details concering Primo’s collaboration with German MC Bushido. According to DJ Premier the vocals were changed, cuts and scratches altered, and a copy of the finished product was never supplied.

“I make what I like to buy” –DJ Premier

11 thoughts on “DJ Premier On Tyler The Creator and Bushido”

  1. im probably the only one who aint feelin tyler the creator. and premo does an interview every two hours. straight grindmode lol

  2. Bushido was such a wack dude the past years. His lirycs are just nonesense!!
    And know he tries to be real with his raps on a premier beat? Acting like he represents real hip hop ever since…. I mean cash rules everyting around us. so he just bought this beat without communicating stuff with premo. that makes him even more wack than before. Bushido is 32 Years old and still a wanna-be. Thats my opinion.

    There are plenty of really good MC’s in Germany (Prinz Pi, Huss n Hodn). They would have killed this track!

    I hope Premo will still work with german artists in the Futurers…with real ones…

  3. Funny, when the post said Bushido I thought it was referring to Premier’s view on the Japanese philosophy. lol

  4. Some of you cats are too old to be rocking the fitted caps like they are hanging on for dear life off the side of your domes.

  5. Making a beat for Bushido is like making one for Lil wayne or T-pain or any of these pop guys. He’s just a fake studio G’.

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