45 King Interviews Prince Paul and Vice Versa

45 King reveals the first beat he was paid for while Prince Paul talks about his work on Spongebob Squarepants. 45 King also reveals that he no longer digs for records stating, “I rely on Kid Capri and Diamond D.”

Interesting vinyl notes:
The most that Prince Paul ever paid for a record: $40 – $50. The most 45 King ever paid for a record: $125. My personal record is $45 for a Shades of Black Lightning records.

What’s the most that you’ve ever paid for a record?

15 thoughts on “45 King Interviews Prince Paul and Vice Versa”

  1. Great little interview. waiting for part 2. Good to see the old cats not bash the new technology lol. Most I’ve paid for a record was for a Gill Scott heron record or a mile davis.

  2. Looks like a great video but why put the backing music at the same if not higher volume than the ppl speaking. Cant watch it, makes me pissed off.

  3. $50 for a product/industrial music record years ago, “the 8 seasons of chromalox” sealed in the early 2000’s. The highest priced record item I ever bought was a Serge Gainsbourg box set from Philips France via ebay in 1999 (with lps Melody Nelson and 4 others) for $75 – since then however I sold it for $200 and picked up the LITA reissue of Melody Nelson.

    Since the mid-80s those are the highest priced items I have paid. I want so much but I’m a patient man and I don’t need, I want. Gotta keep that as the motto. Want. Don’t need.

    There are so many $1 LPs with gems to still discover. The digging is endless, overpicked sure, but always new discoveries. And thanks to downloads now I don’t ever have to think about shelling out hundreds of bucks for a LP. It’s about the music in the end not the product, for me at least.

    I agree with the music. Too loud. I want to hear these two cats who influenced me to no ends. But hell, I’d sit through an hour of loud background music to hear these two talk about the past. Love it!

  4. $10 , I believe, for Gwen McCrae’s Rockin’ Chair album and I could have gotten it cheaper had I waited. I pay no more than $2 for my joints. Brother ballin’ on a budget, for real.

  5. I’m bout those dollar bins & old folk freebies, you what I mean, lol??!! You know you can run up on some elderly folk that can’t half walk or have a hover around, ask about some LP’s & they are more than happy to give them to you!! I’ve been lucky to find most of my gems on the cheap so far!

    • yeah!? When you go to watch DJ’s do you like other people to interview other over the top of it?

  6. I paid $175 for king sun sipping brandy 12″ and $175 for big daddy kane’s ain’t no half steppin remix 12″

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