Just Blaze Talks Master of The Mix, DJ’ing Styles

12 thoughts on “Just Blaze Talks Master of The Mix, DJ’ing Styles”

  1. I remember when Just Blaze called me lame or something like that on a live stream when i made a joke bout jay electronica in the room with him. Just blaze is an asshole. but a talented asshole lol

  2. just blaze just tries too hard to come off intellectual and winds up flipping over words. I’m not saying he’s not smart but he just needs to relax a little. comes off as full of himself

  3. I heard of a few really incredible known djs who were rejected for this season’s Master of the Mix. Perhaps the new “up and coming dj angle” would be a good look for the show and the game as a whole. Hopefully.

  4. I dont know why,but blaze annoys the hell out of me lol. He looks like a clown…..talks like one too. His beats are fire though..cant deny that!!

  5. Just Blaze hasn’t made a classic beat since Saigon’s “Come on Baby”

    Dude is really overrated just like Alchemist.

    Not even hating, just speaking my mind. That’s why these guys have to DJ so much. They can’t really make classics anymore due to the “swag” generation.

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