DJ Premier – Beats That Collected Dust Pt. 2 (Trailer + Tracklist)

DJ Premier returns with another collection of hip hop beats entitled Beats That Collected Dust Part 2. The collection, which is planned for a June 2010 release, will feature 12 unreleased instrumentals, each produced, arranged, and mixed by DJ Premier.

Tracklist after the break!

  1. John T.
  2. Ch-Ching
  3. Dots
  4. Doomp Doomp Doomp
  5. Stylesss
  6. Epic-ishh
  7. Beautiful
  8. Change
  9. Live Pro
  10. I Don’t Know
  11. Late Night
  12. N.Y.S.O.M. #20

3,793 thoughts on “DJ Premier – Beats That Collected Dust Pt. 2 (Trailer + Tracklist)”

  1. Beats that collected dust huh? Well if the one playing under the trailer bed was one then someone help me understand! That joint was dope as hell! I guess it does happen sometimes where you have some of your hottest tracks just sitting collecting that dust! I don’t see how though! Premo seems to always come through with the tracks! Nice tribute at the end too! Great post!

  2. looks like year round records is finally getting it right…if they keep releasing high quality audio projects as well as video snippets and full videos..they can’t be stopped. I would love to do a film piece (myself) based on year round records…..and would make them a offer they couldn’t refuse (in a positive sense).

  3. How the hell did that beat that was played through that clip gather dust? Premier is and will always be “The Crack”

    Cant wait to hear this!

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