The Heatmakerz On Studio Equipment & Music Business

The Heatmakerz, Rsonist and Thrilla, discuss how the duo started in production, recording their first track, and crucial steps in the development of their careers.  The two also talk about some of perils of the music business, the influence of DJ Premier on their sound, and preferred production equipment.

Production Setup:

  • Akai MPC 4000
  • Akai MPC 2000XL
  • Keyboard controller
  • Proteus sound module
  • Roland sound module
  • Turntable

1,917 thoughts on “The Heatmakerz On Studio Equipment & Music Business”

  1. The Heatmakerz are from the Bronx…. But they make them bombest Harlem music. Like I give a fuck, I’m from Chicago. I just like their beats. And Rsonist has had many videos talking about his drive and motivation ($$$) so I digs his hustle. Nice vid.

    BB$. Work. Play. F.U.Pay.Me.

    P.S. Very f1st time I seen the other dude Thrilla. Nice vid.

  2. Nice on the “The Sequel” rip off by their manager. Btw, didn’t know they produced that beat. As I remember it sounded very different from their other stuff. Need to check it out. Cool interview anyway.

  3. im kinda suprised they are still together as ‘the heatmakerz’ . . i thought by now rsonist would just be doin his own thing. .

  4. Diplomatic Immunity Vol. 1: more than music, dipset anthem, this is what i do, my love, i love you, purple haze, dj enuff freestyle, and i’m ready are all heatmakerz tracks. if that isn’t enough to respect these cats than your stupid.

  5. with Jones and Cam getting back together and the dipset crew reuniting I would LOVE to see the heatmakers get back in with them on a new lp!!!!! I think people will realize how much they miss that sound

  6. Perhaps…but they really need to switch that signature sped up sample and frantic quantized drums formula; that shit older than Radio Raheem! lol! Time will tell if they are true innovators of production or simple one trick ponies who’s claim to fame will be the same “horse and carriage” that watches the rest of the industry ride by in luxury vehicles, but hey, it is what it is. Salaam.

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