9th Wonder On The Rise of The Producer/MC

The Manifesto, a Toronto festival, delivers an interview with producer 9th Wonder as he talks about the degree of assertiveness that separates producers from beatmakers, the rise of producers as MC’s, and the importance of studying the cultural history of hip-hop.

The role of a producer is like the role of a quarterback. We take the credit for the victory and we take the blame for the fall.

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  1. Man you know Pat’s football fanaticism ain’t no joke. Plus T dot was looking nice, the folks showing mad love to them rappin raggamuffins. Grammy award-winning producer 9th Wonder approved.

    BB$. Terrance. Phillip.

  2. That was real what he was saying about there being much more positive then negative in the scene. Too bad all that people see is the negative.

  3. Being assertive seperating the beatmakers from the producers? I can see that working in a classical sense where a producer is there as a consultant for the artist, almost functioning as a quarterback (to use the football analogy). Damn, all this really has got me thinkin’ abiut the role of producer vs beatsmith. Good stuff!


  4. Didn’t really learn a lot, but seems like 9th’s a very cool, down-to-earth individual. Good to see those industry placements haven’t taken a toll on his attitude. Keep putting out quality shit.

  5. So if I tell a rapper to “say it like this, not like that” I graduate from beatmaker to producer? Everybody keeps saying that, and the more I hear it the more ridiculous it sounds. Like that’s all there is to it.

  6. A producer can take a beat and turn it into a complete piece of artwork by adding intros, hooks, breakdowns, drop-outs, etc.

    A good example is a beat going from a J Dilla beat tape and then becoming a completed song on a Common album. What starts as a simple idea grows into a complete, interesting work of art when the producer is ‘finished’ with it.

  7. A producer gives a song a certian feel. You don`t have to make the beat to be a producer of that song. You add certain emotions to the piece. A beatmaker just makes the beat. They may even work with someone else to make the song complete. Yes,there are emotions in a beat,but to make it a song,the MC,singer,musician etc. has to put a certain feel of thier own on it.

  8. Blah Blah. It’s still the artist’s job to craft a great song/album. Look at everything Tupac did in 7 years. Even Dr. Dre wasn’t that much a genius to come up with songs that Pac did. Even though Pac had different beatmakers he pretty produced his own music from front to back as far putting together concepts and telling guys how the beats should sound.

    • Which goes back to my point”You don`t have to make the beat to produce the song”

  9. In hip hop music the best producers are hands on beatmakers also . I dont care what anybody says . And what this website called ? It helps to be one of those too .

    • Its a 9th wonder beat called ‘Hadizzle’ or something like that. Search it on youtube and you will find it

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