DJ Khaled Talks Street Teams And Hard Work

18 thoughts on “DJ Khaled Talks Street Teams And Hard Work”

  1. I won’t lie sometimes those “We the best” drops be a lil annoyin but for my self I always respect a person’s work ethic and Khaled has a strong mentality I share. He grindin just like any of us artists/producers/djs whoever. He tryna get his so people ^^ give the guy sme breathing room


  2. He use to rock the mpc3k and flip samples. Now he’s like an off stage hypeman. I’m not sure what he does really. It seems like he now just kinda co-signs southernized beats. Southernized beats = 909 snare rolls, 808 kicks & hats, cheesy synths.

    • I forgot who said it before…I’m sure it was more than one person but anyways. “The industry is 90 percent business & 10 percent talent”. This is why cheesy DJ’s & artists are on the main stream. Sad….so sad.

  3. This dude is the most annoying man in hip hop period. He reminds me of a young Arab cat in a hood liqour store that picked up the slang and mannerisms of ghetto black and latin folks. He tries way too hard to be down and needs his ass whooped for saying nigga so much. I wont knock his hustle but he fuckin irk’s me.

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