Diamond Spins 45’s of The Meters “Hand Clapping Song”

Diamond D of the legendary D.I.T.C. crew fires off a quick promo for his upcoming 45 only DJ tour. The video features the producer spinning doubles of The Meters “Hand Clapping Song.”

Legendary Producer and DJ, Diamond D recently embarked on a worldwide DJ tour. Thrilling crowds with his sets, playing only 45’s.

8 thoughts on “Diamond Spins 45’s of The Meters “Hand Clapping Song””

  1. Happy new year…Keep bringing that inspiration over to the next year!

    this year i promise to come back and comment more and Crack on TONY TRAXXX somemore. J/K HA!!!

  2. “its only gonna lead to trouble, when i speed the doubles…”(a quote from the man himself on percee p’s “2 brothers from the gutter”)that would be a dope show to check out, diamond d flipping 45’s LIVE. big ups to diamond d

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