Crate Kings Reader & Producer Appreciation Promo


Hey everyone.  It’s reader appreciation time here at Crate Kings!

As many of you already know, we receive a ton of submissions for beattapes, videos, and other projects.  Unfortunately, there is simply not enough time to review each of them.  To make things simple and fair, individual projects such as albums, mixtapes, or beattapes just haven’t been featured for quite some time.

A little while ago I came up with the idea to offer exposure for smaller projects and submissions.  As a thank you to all loyal readers and up-and-coming producers, we’ve decided to offer ultra low cost advertising to each one of you.

For only 2 dollars per day you can have an ad for your project in the top right corner of the site (currently where you see the crown images).  Yeah, that’s right.  Only 2 dollars to have your project featured on the front page of Crate Kings for 24 hours!

Why only 2 dollars?  Besides the fact that Better Off Dead is one of my all-time favorite movies, the idea is to implement a simple and somewhat effective filter.  The goal is to keep the price low enough to allow anyone to take part and yet filter out those who are too cheap to spend 2 dollars of U.S. currency to promote their own project.

Who knows how long this will continue.  It may last two days or twenty.  It may become more trouble than it’s worth.  We’ll see how it goes and if anyone finds it useful.  If it goes well, we may continue or make adjustments as necessary, but for now just grab a spot while you can.

Simply click on the Advertise Here link or one of the crowns to your right and follow the steps.  You’ll be able to upload one 125 x 125 image of your own design along with a link to your website or project download.  Payments can only be made via PayPal.

As always, thanks for visiting and supporting Crate Kings!



  • This offer is limited to unsigned and unestablished DJ’s and producers/beatmakers only.  Vocalists, event promoters, established artists, and others with any sort of real budget will have their ad promptly rejected.
  • We’ll try to keep as many spots as possible open in the queue so a handful of people will not be able to monopolize the ad positions.?
  • Three (3) ads will be featured at any given time.  We may add up to six if things really begin to heat up and there’s demand for more positions.
  • If an issue becomes too complex or complicated, your 2 dollars will quickly be refunded.??  It’s only 2 dollars.

15 thoughts on “Crate Kings Reader & Producer Appreciation Promo”

  1. Nice! I will def be taking advantage. Alot of prominent artists/producers roll through this site I know. Good look to get some exposure.

  2. Semantik, you’re the dude. You could definitely charge more if you wanted, but I appreciate that you’re keeping costs low, a lot of people wouldn’t do that these days. Word up.

  3. Is this deal open to independant artists running their own label??

    I ask this simply because u state its for unsigned artists.. where technically we are signed but via our own label (registered and legit, although very new) self run by us, and funded out of our pockets via working full time jobs and worked in what little time we have free outside of ‘work’.

    We’re on a shoe string budget and doing everything in house ourselfs.. but to an outsider it may not appear that way without them knowing the details.

    I hope this doesnt leave us unable to participate, as we are no different to any other indepenant unsigned artist besides the fact we have registered our label etc.

    Plus the artist we are pushing at the moment (the other label partner) has shared stages with the likes of gangstarr, masta ace, terra firma, beatnuts etc etc.. but this is his first album and he is far from established.

    Please get back to me as we would definately like to put an add up


    • Typically this shouldn’t be a problem, but everything is manually reviewed before running.

      Also, this offer is only open to DJ’s/producers/beatmakers. MC’s, singers, and vocalists are not eligible and will have their ad rejected and payments refunded.

  4. a nice idea and I think I will take advantage of this offer eventually but I wonder if now quality control will become an issue? Anyone who pays just automatically gets the promo? What if the music just isn’t very good??

    • Will quality control become an issue? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll just have to experiment and see how everything turns out as the various issues surface.

      • You’re right…my ridiculous paranoia surfaced in that last comment…the same worry that has prevented me from releasing any of my music, ever. You run a good site here so I trust your instinct and motives…hope this only grows the website!

  5. good idea and great value. another interesting implementation would be to have a “thumbs up” or some sort of ranking system via a button below each ad, so if people are feeling a particular project, they could let it be known.

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