Technics Turntable Is Dead: Panasonic Ending Production


Many Crate Kings readers have spent a substantial portion of their lives behind a pair of Technics turntables. Whether jumping around looking for samples, putting together a battle routine, or keeping party goers occupied, it’s always been comforting to know that these gems could be relied upon in even the most challenging environments.

The Technics 1200 turntable, which was first produced in 1972, is a testament to engineering quality and consumer loyalty. Let’s face it. These things were built like tanks. In fact, my personal pair is over 15 years old and has easily stood the test of time.

It’s sad to say that after over 30 years in the marketplace, it seems as if newly manufactured Technics turntables will soon be a thing of the past. Panasonic has made the announcement that it will cease production of Technics turntables due to lack of demand.

Reader Question:
What’s your favorite Technics turntable memory?

[Tokyo Reporter via Giz]

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  1. My favorite Technics turntable memory was when they were sold at somewhat reasonable prices, lol. No wonder there isn’t a “demand” for a single turntable costing $1000+. They pretty much paved their own path with this one. Still the best turntable ever designed, hands down.

  2. My fondest memory is staring at every album cover that featured them, pausing every video that showed them, and just staring and dreaming about how I’d ever get a pair at the age of 12. One of my favorite pics was the one on the back of “He’s the DJ I’m the Rapper.” I used to draw pictures of them in class . . .

    I had some Gemini belt drives at the time. My dad saw how much I really wanted to DJ and how many hours I spent with it a couple years later. Some older friends had told him I was pretty good too. One summer he charged a pair at this place called Silo (now defunct). That probably was one of the happiest days of my life. I can’t think of any consumer electronics that evokes the emotion and loyalty of the 1200.

    All that said, I’m sort of happy people will begin exploring alternatives. Decks like the ST/STR8-150 are incredibly capable. The TTX isn’t so bad either.

  3. This rumor again? I don’t buy it. I also am still unable to buy 1200s because I cannot afford them. If the rumor is true though, I will get some, but I think it is BS.

    • Init man.. this EXACT same rumour went around a year ago.. and turned out to be absolute bullsh!t.

      Im gonna look into it. But i dont believe it one bit!!

  4. I Stopped using them around 1998 when International Music (smartly) Stopped pressing vinyl. Plus I realized Technics had failed to evolve- back then I had a few improvements they could have included to keep me interested. Good riddance-I’m still DJing without pretence.

    • Same here,my 2 yr old son tries to play around on them now. I hope he still has that enthusiasim when he gets older

  5. I bought mine second hand in 89 and they’re still going strong. Consumer electronics with that kind of lifespan would be unheard of today. Technics/Panasonic, I salute you and mourn the passing of one of the strongest icons in music.

  6. I bought my pair for $600 back in 1996, with $ I earned throwing myself a birthday party where Juan Atkins and Derrick May battled on 4 Technics. They still work just fine. A few needle changes, but they’re in great shape. Maybe no one is buying new decks because they’re built to last.

  7. I bought my first pair at 18. Cost me $1200 brand new. Now I`m 34 and I still rock the same Technics.I haven`t had to buy new ones . My other friends that dj have switched from Techs to Vastex back to Techs and I never went astray. This is a sad day for Dj`s everywhere. The foundation of the art is disapearing. The youth that come up dejaying won`t know how it is to gain skill with the foundation.

  8. Watching Jam Master Jay of RUN-DMC made me want to get a pair. Had Gemini’s at first but they were wack. Saved up for a pair of 12’s. I even went out to NYC to get me the green turntable Calzone cases. Still have them and they still rock.

  9. It was’78 -’80, I was in HS and part of a DJ crew called Sound Syndrome, in NJ. While I didn’t own anything but vinyl, the other members owned Technic 1200’s. Fondest memories I have come from rockin’ house parties and high school jams on those 1’s and 2’s

    ::: oceans of rhythm :::


  10. I did a college party w my team, Timari Productions. We unloaded our 12’s and rested them on my brother’s freshly-washed and waxed K-car (google it). They promptly slid off and shattered. My brother, a computer engineer, looked them over and repaired them on the spot, earning himself the name “Disco Mike”. Those 12’s (“silver” & “gold”) are in use today by my nephew, DJ Adam Scott.

  11. i learned how to spin on some crappy numarks…when i finally got technics i thought everything sounded slow…what i then realized is the concept of something called torque. i think a turntable is so much better for mixing than cd`s…cd`s are close but they aren`t the same IMHO….the accuracy just isn`t the same…plus there aren`t as many moving parts and things to break on a turntable, that will end up breaking on the most expensive cd-j decks. fondest memory is finally owning a pair, and realizing i didn`t suck at djing afterall it was the decks i was using before.

  12. If this is true,like many have said…It will be a sad day for the culture! My Grand Ma brought me my pair of Technics SL1200 (Brand new) back when I was 13 with her retirement money (She’s the greatest). She wanted to know why I needed 2 “record players” lol 20 years later and I still have and use the very same pair. These things were built to last!

    Thanks Grand Ma….She still dont know why we need 2 “Record Players” lol

  13. Damn, this has come as a shock to me. There aren’t too many things in the world today that are built to last but I’m glad 1200’s do.

  14. Damn!! Damn!!! Damn!!! …. If i dropped my 12 like florida did that bowl on goodtimes it would only have a couple of “dings” on it. Solid run for the king of turntables!!! straight up and down no special effects!!!


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