DJ Premier On “Mass Appeal”, Forming Gangstarr, Mandela

16 thoughts on “DJ Premier On “Mass Appeal”, Forming Gangstarr, Mandela”

  1. That little young ass, punk ass teenager, dont know shit about hip hop, he probly lace premo with some dough to do the interview, and his name is not fuckin Dj Primo, out of all the nick names he has, thats not one of them, He didnt have a clue of anything Primo was talkin about,

  2. The interviewers closing out was fuckin hilarious when he looks into the camera HAHAHA someone make a still please.

  3. @JEHF SLAPS , OK GURU . I always called him gang starr even back in the 90’s , even tho gang starr is a group . Guru the great lyricist is who i was reffering to .
    I think he wanted to do another album but him and premo had creative differences and premo kept bs. ing around. All big producers do that . Why u think dre ain’t finish tracks he made for i am west album or there was no detox yet or no nwa with snoop dog ? I saw a post somewhere with gangstar saying when we do a joint we both hafto agree on the content . He was telling you something right there .Semantic find that vid again . word . I know my shit . cause these are the words that i manifest ! RIP Guru , Im still gonna say gang star respectfully.

  4. people think they know..but you dont, what premier en guru had and what happened between them is between them you dont about that.. stop gossiping.

    I like it when premier gest interviewed I always watch it, and he tells his stories with a sparkle in his eyes, you cant tell he loves what he does and what he did especially.


  5. damn man yall hip hop dudes are starting to sound like republicans shit who the fuck cares if he call him primo or not i think he did hes research he asked him questions respectfully dude good interviewer in my book

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