Roc Raida Tribute f/ X-Ecutioners & Beat Junkies Footage

Some of the most influential DJ’s in hip-hop recently gathered in Los Angeles to honor Grandmaster Roc Raida. DJ’s Rob Swift, DJ Precision, Sean C, Boogie Blind, D-Styles, Mr. Choc, J-Rocc, Rhettmatic and more were all on hand to pay tribute and offer appreciative comments about the late DJ.

A-Trak Says “The DJ Now Is More Present Than Ever”

Producer/DJ A-Trak talks about his early addiction to scratching, 15 years in DJ’ing and turntablism, DJ Hero 2, and Kanye West’s role in the reestablishment of DJ’s in live hip-hop shows. The DJ now is more present than ever. I think the DJ has become a real personality and everybody knows the DJ a lot … Read more

Rising Son, Illoquint, KD Cutz @ Red Bull Big Tune

Producer Marcus D, KD Cutz, Trox, Dave Notti, Mell, Illoquint, Trox, Marcus D, Nphared, Blaise, Rising Son, and Brainstorm brought it at the I think the way to win over the crowd, your beats have to be busy. You can’t let the crowd get bored or you’ll lose ’em real quick.

Highland Park Record Sale (HPRS) Footage

Damu The Fudgemunk and Redefinition Records pay a visit to the Highland Park Record Sale (HPRS) for a vinyl garage sale gone mad. Some of the vinyl oddities and highlights include a copy of Solomon Burke’s “Get Out of My Life Woman”, a TMNT Turtle Power album, and the remains of a melted Mobb Deep … Read more