Rising Son, Illoquint, KD Cutz @ Red Bull Big Tune

15 thoughts on “Rising Son, Illoquint, KD Cutz @ Red Bull Big Tune”

  1. I’m glad we as producers got a venue like this to always look forward to. Battles like this and even the ones on the local level, can only motivate and challenge you to get better. It’s also dope way to hear different peoples styles, creativity and overall just to have a good time. Let’s keep shiet like this alive and not kill it!

  2. Yeah that Rising Son beat was nice. Its the sort of beat that will do well in battles like this. It gets the crowd hyped.

  3. I’m PRAYING that they allow you to use samples in the competition since majority of the footage I’ve seen from the competition has producers using samples! S/N Rising Son killed it!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I thought Blaise’s beat was super dope. Maybe not battle-energy though. Rising Son’s shit reminds me of something that would be done by Just Blaze.

    • yeah, i thought the same thing…I think they passed on me when I entered for the same reason…I had a beat that sounded very similar that I’m pretty pumped on but it doesn’t have near the tempo or “crowd energy” of all these beats…

  5. Dude killed it at the end!

    Klimatic, they would prob have to say for legal reasons.. otherwise alot of money will be owed after all those beats played at the club.

    Royalities will be owed for the original recordings that were flipped for those beats etc..

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